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Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Brand: Roland

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Excellent condition with only minor signs of age.

Switchable voltage for worldwide use.

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Product Description

An excellent example of our favourite Space Echo, for sale serviced and in excellent working order.
No one knows Space Echoes like Soundgas and nobody has overhauled more machines than our head echo tech, Will. Through his processes we squeeze more performance from these machines than ever before. The head alignment regime goes way beyond Roland’s own service notes (designed to be as fast and profitable as possible - spending hours on alignment was not encouraged!). An early preamp, Zero Head Gain machine like this goes beyond factory spec and is the finest example of a 201 you will find.

Heads rehoned for optimal performance - in excellent condition showing minimal wear.

Note that we may have machines in a range of conditions (and prices) coming through - check our other listings or get in touch if this unit here isn’t the right one for you.

REPLACEMENT TAPES: Fitting any tapes other than those from us or Echo Fix will invalidate the warranty on our machines. We have sourced unused and dry-stored tape stock which is as close to original RT-1L tape formulation as possible (without conclusive confirmation from Roland themselves we cannot describe it as being an exact match) for their original RT-1L replacement loops and limited stocks of our replacement loops are available now. We’ve written a bit about our journeys in tape, which replacement loops to use in your Roland echo, not to mention the misinformation and poor quality tapes that seem to fill the internet. We may also have a very limited supply of sealed original NOS RT1-L tapes – see our store or get in touch.

There are currently no operational issues with this machine, but please be aware that these units require looking after and that regular use and maintenance are key to keeping this in good working order.

Some crackle is always possible from pots/switches when not used for a while - this can be cleared with use.


See detailed photos for more information.

Voltage Information

Will be set up for either 120 or 240v operation before shipping.


For sales in UK the price will include 20% VAT. Buyers elsewhere may incur VAT or other local taxes on import.