Our Guarantee


  • We guarantee that all items sold will arrive exactly as described.
  • Buying vintage gear from Soundgas should be as risk-free as is possible.
  • We strive to deliver an exceptional service worldwide.
  • Your complete satisfaction is paramount: if a problem arises, we will rectify it swiftly.
  • Sale, clearance and “spares/repair” items will not have additional warranty.

We have been carefully shipping gear worldwide for over ten years and guarantee to deliver items in as-described condition, or better. It is our sole responsibility to ensure you receive your gear in excellent working order: as long as you comply with any instructions regarding repair or returns, you are covered.

You have your statutory Right of Withdrawl which means you may return any item, for any reason, within 14 days for a full refund (less shipping costs), wherever in the world you are. To qualify for this you must advise us beforehand and follow our returns procedure – the goods must be in the same condition as delivered. This right is part of EU law but we extend it to all our customers – that’s how confident we are that you’ll get the right gear for your needs and be happy with what you receive. This is the Soundgas approach to complete sonic satisfaction.

NOTE: The above also applies to Sale, B Channel Clearance, Thrift Store and Spares/Repair items, however beyond that there is no further warranty on these items.

See the Returns & Refunds page.

Very occasionally, and in spite of our best efforts, delicate vintage gear doesn’t travel well: we will either arrange repair (or reimburse a reasonable cost of repair) or make a full refund of purchase price and arrange (or reimburse cost of) return shipping.

See below for more information. We’ve got a hard-won 100% positive feedback on nearly 1400 international vintage gear transactions on our main ebay account, and you’ll find many testimonials from our happy customers on the home page and product pages of the site.


  • We accept returns for any reason within 14 days on any item sold.
  • Our Roland and Binson echoes have a 12 month warranty as standard (see below).
  • Most gear we sell as serviced (synths, drum machines, rack gear) carries a 3 month warranty as standard.
  • Unless stated otherwise all items are sold with a minimum of 30 days warranty (see below for more information on warranty terms).
  • Commission/brokerage items are not covered, unless otherwise stated; you have 14 days from receipt to check your purchase.


Our warranty covers use in an indoor non-smoking studio/home environment only; gigging, hire, etc is not covered. The warranty is void if the machine has been tampered with or worked on by a non Soundgas-authorised agent at any time, or if maintenance instructions or best practice have not been adhered to. We do not cover gear that is left unused for long periods of time (one month or more) – regular use is essential to keep vintage gear in good working order. Accidental damage of any type, or damage through misuse, is not covered.

We can’t keep a warranty claim open indefinitely. Once we have advised on the course of action needed to resolve it we will keep the claim open for a further eight weeks. We need buyers to maintain communications during this period, and if communication stops and the period elapses, or if after that period the repair has not been initiated, the return booked or other progress made we may cancel the claim.

Use of any tape loops or accessories, other than those made by Soundgas-approved manufacturers, voids this warranty (currently only Soundgas RT-1L loops are approved for use in tape echoes).

We cover labour costs for authorised repair work within the warranty period. We will cover parts/consumables used in service/repair up to a value of £20.00 (or more, at our discretion) and reserve the right to charge for additional parts.

Shipping costs are covered within mainland UK/EU where items can be sent by standard courier.

Worldwide warranty claims may be dealt with by one of our approved repair technicians in your area, or returned to us at your cost for repair by Soundgas. The sender is solely responsible for ensuring we are not charged import fees on returned goods (ask us for advice): any such fees will require payment before we commence any work.

We cannot guarantee turnaround times for warranty repairs.

We reserve the right not to continue with work if your gear is deemed to be beyond economic repair by our techs – we will endeavour to work out a satisfactory arrangement with you in such a case.

Warranties are non transferable – valid for the original purchaser only.

We reserve the right to refuse to undertake warranty repairs for any reason. This last statement is included to keep our warranty terms and conditions from becoming overly-complicated and to protect us from unreasonable claims.

If your warranty period has expired, we will endeavour to assist you with future repairs on your Soundgas gear, subject to your agreement to our service charges.

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More information: Returns & Refunds