Spring Reverbs

UPDATE: We finally did our "Which Spring Reverb is Best?" blog post. Read it now!

We're big fans of a bit of spring reverb and have had at least 30 different springs through our doors over the last year. From classics like the AKG BX-20 and Master Room Reverb, to project studio staples like the Great British Spring, through to studio secret weapons used by successful producers (Pioneer SR 202W and SR 101, Telefunken Echomixer) and a plethora of less common models such as the highly sought-after Grampian 636. We buy and try any spring we can find and report back here. Perennial favourites are usually in stock or on the way, but if you need advice on which one is right for your sound, or if you are after a particular unit, then please get in touch. We also did a head-to-head of 14 different springs in the "Soundgas Spring-a-thon" which is well worth a watch/listen. Part 2 coming soon...