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Roland RT-1L - NOS Space Chorus Echo Tape Loop

Roland RT-1L - NOS Space Chorus Echo Tape Loop

Brand: Roland

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We have limited supplies of original new/unused RT-1L tapes for sale – sealed in their original packaging.

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Product Description

While some people still prefer to use original RT-1L tape, we cannot guarantee the performance of these loops. The splice is often much more audible than with our own loops and the splice tape is losing its strength. This can result in a greater chance of fouling the machine. If you choose to use these loops in your Soundgas machine, please note that it will invalidate your warranty.


We’re tape and disc echo specialists with many years’ experience working with and restoring these machines. See our current stock of Roland tape echoes for sale now. Our BBC-trained engineer brings our tape delays up to (or better than) factory spec and our testing ensures machines that have superb reliability and – most important – that they sound incredible. Guaranteed to give reliable service and sound superb.


As vintage tape degrades over time and these are up to 45 years old, we can offer no guarantees (though we've used and sold many without any issue).

We've written quite a bit about tape, but the short version is that the only new tape loops we recommend are Soundgas loops. These are the best new loops you can buy for your Roland or Korg Echo and are fitted as standard in all the machines we sell. They are the only loops that will not invalidate our warranty.

These replacement tapes will fit almost all the Roland Space and Chorus Echo units: RE-101, RE-150, RE-201, RE-301, RE-501 and SRE-555.


Unused, NOS tapes.

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