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Musitronics Mu-Tron III

Musitronics Mu-Tron III

Brand: Musitronics

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The holy grail of envelope filters, the ultimate funk pedal - an original Musitronics Mu-tron III for sale in full working order following a service/calibration with our pedal tech.

It has just come back from a service/calibration with our pedal tech who knows how to get the best out of these old monsters - it's sounding superb and very squelchy, as you'd wish. One of the pots required replacement, and it needed new knobs fitting.

Price includes VAT at 20% (for sales in UK/EU) - buyers outside the EU please contact us for tax-free prices. VAT-free sales possible to businesses and individuals in the EU (outside the UK) with a valid VAT Number.

The condition is fair overall - it has plenty of scuffs, scratches and wear to the case, including some rust to the base, and the knobs are replacements. None of this affects the functioning of the unit - click on the photos to zoom in and see more shots.

This is a great analogue envelope filter (auto-wah) from the legendary Musitronics Corporation - built to withstand everything 70s musicians could throw at it - with a solid aluminium and steel case and chunky controls this vintage Made In USA pedal weighs in at over 1.5kg.

We've sold quite a few of these pedals and always have one in the studio ; this one is in good working order and more than ready to continue oozing out filthy funk for the next 30-40 years.

It sounds huge, fat and glorious - whatever you choose to put through it: guitar, bass or keys, it exhibits pure bona fide funk credentials. This is the real deal.

"the biggest, baddest, funkiest envelope filter of all-time"

Stevie Wonder, Bootsy Collins, Jerry Garcia...

Guitars, bass, Rhodes, synths, clavinet - all work well with this pedal - it instantly transports you back in time (sonically rather than literally of course) and works its analogue magic on digital sources breathing warmth and life into soft synths and samples. This pedal is what our re-amping box was made for...

These pedals have been reissued by Haz Laboratories, but though they look the part they're a pale imitation: the originals just have that thickness and sonic mojo that the reissue units lack. We've tried many reissue pedals against vintage originals and while some do a passable job, most fall short when compared to the real thing. In addition, original pedals should hold their value or offer a good return as an investment.

Ships ready to play with two 9v batteries.

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