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Hammond Innovex Condor SSM

Hammond Innovex Condor SSM

Brand: Innovex / Hammond

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Auction for a very cool looking, extremely bonkers, mostly working, great sounding stereo effect unit made in 1968.

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Product Description

One of three different effects units Hammond produced, this one is a stereo tremolo, vibrato, reverb, EQ and preamp box. Worth having for the light up lettering on the front panel and the "Room Rocker" function... This is definitely a worthy addition to your set up if you are looking for something... different.

Safe and part serviced, we have recapped the power supply and given it a full test. All controls are pretty stiff - there's some crackle, but also the faders are just old and don't feel good. Doesn't stop use at all but they could definitely be improved.

The starting point with this thing is the preamps, which are great and quite possibly reason enough to have one of these around. Put a guitar through it and into your desk it sounds like you've got a chunky amp. Kicks out a punchy hot signal and the EQ covers a lot of ground. Great with everything.

The red "Sound Effects" section all works - the reverb is subtle and quite short but sits well with the other effects. Whether that is by design or it can be improved is not clear. The tremolo is generally wonderful and just what you'd want from a unit of this era. It can be great with guitar or organ, or at the other extreme you can use it to create pulsing, gated effects with beats etc.

The Room Rocker setting is essentially a fairly extreme panning tremolo that throbs in a very satisfying way.

The only thing we can't really get anything from is the "Phaser" switch. Not sure how pronounced it should be. With more investigation it may well work.

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Very good. Some marks and scuffs. One or two of the internal bulbs (that back light the controls) need replacing. Complete with original case - hinges aren't great. See photos for more information.

Voltage Information

110v model. A step-down transformer is required in the UK/EU. We do not recommend using cheap generic Chinese mains transformers and can supply a high quality UK-made unit if required.


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