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Chase Bliss Audio Habit

Chase Bliss Audio Habit

Brand: Chase Bliss Audio

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It’s an “experimental delay with memory”. It’s also an “echo collector”. Neither of these statements even begin to describe this astonishing new pedal (did we mention it does a passable impersonation of an H910 as well?). It’s new and it’s really, really good. And different. You’re unlikely to get bored with it any time soon.

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Product Description

Chase Bliss Habit for sale.

It's a brand new Chase Bliss delay pedal. We've read the manual. We've tried it and we really like it. Unpredictable, creative, weird, isn't trying to be a Space Echo - all the things we like - but at its heart it's a great delay with some genuinely interesting, innovative features.

Chase Bliss say:

“Habit is a musical sketchpad. It stores everything you play for later, so you can revisit and reuse sounds from the past: Build compositions right inside the pedal, gather up loops, design custom echo patterns.

It’s an effect that can become an instrument at any time, an evolving paint-splatter of everything you do.

Or it could just be a fun delay:

-60 seconds of delay time





Brand new.

Voltage Information

Takes a standard 9v power supply (not included).


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