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1972 Moog Minimoog Model D

1972 Moog Minimoog Model D

Brand: Moog

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Beautiful in every respect, with RA Moog boards, including original oscillator board. Totally overhauled by James Walker and playing beautifully. This early Mini sound utterly glorious and never fail to delight.

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Product Description

Beautiful in every respect, with RA Moog boards, including original oscillator board. Totally overhauled here and playing beautifully. These early Minis sound glorious and never fail to impress.

Serviced and ready to ship pending a final calibration.

1972 Minimoog Model D for sale in excellent condition and superb working order. The serial number is obscured – we originally purchased this from a studio in the USA who’d owned it for many years.

This is a lovely early example with RA Moog boards.

We supplied this to the current owner a few years ago. It has been once again fully serviced and the octave buffer board improved for better tuning stability. The result is a very stable for a synth of this era, playing extremely well, and with that unmistakable sound of the finest Moogs. See below for more info on service

NOTE: Photos of the boards to follow.

Broker sale for the owner so VAT does not apply


In excellent condition for an early Model D, with minor signs of age as you’d expect: this is a vintage instrument – we prefer not to over-restore these beauties. The walnut case is in good order having had a light polish and a couple of minor repairs. Please see photos for details.

Report and recollections of previous work by James Walker for Soundgas:

I’ve found a bag of components from the last repair and remembered some more details about the original repair.
When I worked on the original repair I had replaced all the electrolytic capacitors, replaced the keyboard bushes and cleaned the contacts and buss bars.
The original Cinch-Jones connectors were all in need of replacement, I replaced all the Jones connectors with new ones on the original repair.
Originally the minimoog didn’t have the octave buffer board installed. A replacement board and resistors was installed as per the moog update.
I’d cleaned the unit and recalibrated it.
The recent overhaul was more invasive and included a lot of upgrades that I’ve honed in recent years.
These include new selected low offset/low drift op amps in the cv path and on the buffer board. All DIL IC sockets have been removed , the ICs are directly soldered onto the PCB. The original Matched transistor arrays have been replaced with higher spec ceramic arrays and the Tempco resistors have been bonded directly to there respective IC. A new set of tightly matched 0.1% low PPM precision resistors In the summing and octave switching circuit. I replaced the trimmers on the VCO card with NOS CTS trimmers.
The timing capacitors for the VCOs have been replaced with new polystyrene capacitors.
The connector flags on the VCO and PSU boards have been replaced with new gold plated connectors where the pin carries either CV or Power related to the VCO board.
The PSU board has had some new transistors,resistors and diodes installed.
The centre detent modification has been implemented on the pitch wheel.
This moog had a new transformer installed to remove acoustic hum and add switchable primaries for universal usage world wide. The internal mains wiring path was rewired. This unit also has a new U.K. spec mains cable and U.K. plug. This mini is currently set to 230v.

Voltage Information

Will be set up for either 120 or 240v operation before shipping.


Brokerage item - see detailed description for more information on tax status of this sale.