Roland Tape Echo Operator's Manuals

Roland RE-200 Space Echo
Links below for manuals for all models of Roland tape echo available to use and download.
Models covered are Space Echo models: RE-100 & RE-200, RE-101, RE-150 and RE-201; Chorus Echo models: RE-301, RE-501 and SRE-555.
Note that we also have Roland tape echo service manuals.

Roland RE-100 & RE-200 Operators Manual
Roland RE-101 Operators Manual
Roland RE-150 Operators Manual
Roland RE-201 Space Echo Operators Manual
Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo Operators Manual
Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo Operators Manual
Roland SRE-555 Chorus Echo Operator's Manual
This post is one of a series on the Roland tape echoes that we are compiling into an online resource for tape delay fans and users. Other instalments include talking about tape, how to choose the right tape delay, care and maintenance, and some secret tips and tricks. Find a list of them all here.

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