Collection: Eventide Harmonizer H910

Each H910 that Soundgas sells is first overhauled by a tech who specialises in these early Eventides exclusively. They're subjected to rigorous and extended testing before shipping under full warranty. Considered by many to be an instrument in its own right, the H910 is a prized addition to any studio. So why are they so coveted? Read on, or scroll down to see current stock... Combining pitch change with delay and feedback, when it was released in the mid-70s it was the first commercially available digital effect. Frank Zappa, David Bowie, AC/DC and a raft of other titans of music made use of it to great effect (pun intended). The game-changing quality of what Eventide did is evident from the fact that the unique sound is still sufficiently sought after for Universal Audio to develop a plug in. It’s the Bowie/Visconti snare sound – for us that’s enough right there…

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