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Eventide Harmonizer Model H910

Eventide Harmonizer Model H910

Brand: Eventide

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Product Description

Eventide Harmonizer H910 for sale. Supplied with XLR tails fitted.

Restored and tested. Fresh from the workbench of the single-minded technical wizard who only works on H910/949s as respite from his day job (he has also nearly finalised the design for a new MIDI controller for the 910 - coming soon).

Wild, unique, and truly superb effect. Can be extremely difficult to work on but they are worth the considerable effort, time and tech's brain cells. As one of our customers said, it is more akin to adding another instrument to your set-up than just another effect.

Completely overhauled by an early Eventide specialist and subjected to rigorous and extended testing in our studio before shipping. We know (and love!) these boxes and have great experience in delivering them in superb operational order; buy with confidence.

These machines require a serious amount of work to bring them back up to full operational order, not to mention the many, many hours of tech time that we've invested in understanding their design and construction. We have found that nearly all units sold as "working" are not operating correctly; they may make interesting noises, but are a long way from fully-functional; unpicking "damage" done by previous technicians is laborious and usually necessary to restore them to original spec.

Has been set up for 240v operation. Swapping to 120v may be possible - please get in touch for more information.

More info (& demos below):

Combining pitch change with delay and feedback, when it was released in the mid-70s it was the first commercially available digital effect. Zappa, Bowie, AC/DC and a slew of other artists made use of it. The game-changing quality of what Eventide did is evident from the fact that the sound still in demand enough for Universal Audio to develop a plug in. It's the Bowie/Visconti snare sound - for us that's enough right there...

If you want a good, concise run-down of what it does then the H910 page on Eventide's site is a good place to start.


In excellent overall condition with the usual light wear to the edges and casing. Please see photos or get in touch if you require more information on condition.

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See description for more information.


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