Steal These Wavs! Free Samples...

Readers’ wavs. Not drowning – just wav-ing. Use your sat wav. You get the idea. Here you will find recordings of old music gear doing things, mostly connected with / extracted from demos on our soundgasltd instagram feed. Make something cool with them and send it to us.

All of these sound files are raw wavs, straight from the mixer or whatever was routing the sound from the test bench.

Some have names that tell you what the gear used was. Sometimes we don’t remember. Sometimes there is some noise, because this stuff is OLD and we’re often (ab)using various preamps to make old noisy things louder. Embrace the noise. And watch out for that feedback. Ride the wavs!



What we really want is people to make things with this stuff and then send it to us. You can tag us on our instagram or drop us an email with a link to

We also started making some Sample Packs which are (a bit) more polished and have a lot more sounds in them.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Essentially this means you can use it for stuff, but you have to play fair and credit where you got it from. Also if you don’t credit us we’ll find you and point and shout at you on the internet.


(We’ll try to keep this up to date. We won’t succeed, but it’s the thought that counts.)

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