Dynacord SRS 56 Stereo Reverb/Delay - Manual

Dynacord SRS 56 Stereo Reverb/Delay - Manual

One of our favourite BBD echo units for sure, the Dynacord SRS 56 is a bit like two VRS 23 racks on steroids.  It’s described as a “Stereo reverberation System” but what you have is a very flexible stereo delay with various ways of linking the two channels that make for a very creative and unique-sounding unit.

Filled with tantalum capacitors that need replacing and often very tricky to set up, but ultimately rewarding in the form of endlessly inventive layers of delay and feedback.


Below you will find a download link for the manual. But if you’ve come here because you have one of these for sale (in any condition) then please get in touch. As has already been made clear, we are huge fans of these; but we’ve also invested a lot of time in understanding how to restore them and so are always on the look out for more to bring back to full functioning.


And here’s one we sold before:

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