Changing the loop in a Hawk Tape Echo

Changing the loop in a Hawk Tape Echo

We’ve restored, tested, tweaked and sold more Hawk HE-2150 and 2250 tape echoes than anyone else in the last few years. We’ve a lot of love for them and a lot to say – we’ll be adding more information to the site at some point, but for now here’s a diagram of the tape path to assist with changing the tape on one of these machines.

While we get round to adding more Hawk info, if you have any questions about these stunning machines then please get in touch via our contact page.

If you are looking to buy a Hawk HE-2150 or HE-2250 tape delay and don’t see the one you are looking for on our site then definitely get in touch. Many of the units we sell (especially the stereo HE-2250) are sold as pre-orders before they are listed here.

And finally, if you are looking for servicing on one of these machines then please note that unfortunately we are not currently able to provide that. We have invested a great many hours in learning how to bring these 1970s units back to superb working order; to charge a fee for servicing that reflects both that investment, plus the amount of time that the actual work and testing takes, would make the work not viable. Our experience is that these units require extensive work and very careful specialist attention to get right. Our advice is that if you see one of these for sale “cheap”, but you don’t have access to a world-class tape tech, then there is a good chance you are taking one of these rare units out of circulation and dooming it to never working properly #sadface.

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