Nils Frahm Funkhaus Saal 3 Equipment Sale

Nils Frahm Funkhaus Saal 3 Equipment Sale

[UPDATE: This article was published when we started selling equipment for Nils. The final part of that process – an auction – has begun now. Read about the Nils Frahm Gear Auction here.]

Nils Frahm needs no introduction. We at Soundgas have long been fans of his music and are honoured to count him as a good friend and loyal customer.

We have been helping him assemble new equipment for his next album and live rig and are extremely excited (as is Nils) about the results. In the course of building his new rig, inevitably some old faithfuls are being replaced and a number of pieces from his live rig are part of the sale.

NOTE: Original photos taken in Funkhaus show some items that are not for sale. More info and full list below.

The new year/new sound theme set off something of a chain reaction and Nils decided that this would be a good time to streamline the set up in Saal 3. Displaying the kind of strict discipline that Jo (Mrs Soundgas) wishes I would replicate, he set about pruning his extensive studio collection of anything that had not been used a great deal in the past six months. This yielded an enviable selection of stunning instruments and studio gear, some of which sold almost before he’d completed the list.


And – before everyone asks! – the distinctive custom finish white Juno-60 used extensively on the All Melody tour is here, but will be made available for playing/recording in the Soundgas Studio (news coming soon about a forthcoming synth collaboration between Nils Frahm and Soundgas…).


Some items were passed on to friends in Berlin while some are staying put in Salle 3 after all, and a few things remain there which we are brokering for Nils (such as the delicate EMT 240 Gold Foil Plate, grand piano and assorted ribbon mics) rather than shipping unnecessarily. I was deeply saddened that the Oberheim Four Voice (which I’d eyed amorously when Gid and I visited Nils at Funkhaus last year) didn’t make it onto the van headed to Soundgas, and you may be disappointed to learn that the EMS VCS-3 is staying here in Crich, for now at least, and will also be available in our studio). EMS fans will have to console themselves with the unique Synthi A Mk3 prototype and AKS that we have coming up for sale soon (these are not part of Nils’ collection – news about these coming soon).

Synth aficionados can console themselves with the magnificent Korg PS-3100 (or more compact Korg 770), Moog Memorymoog (LAMM), or super rare Jörgensen Clavioline, that was found in NOS condition in a music store and has been modified to Nils’ requirements. We may well house the Elektor Formant Synthesizer at Soundgas for the time being – another that has featured heavily on Nils’ studio recordings and which we’d like to see available for our customers to play in the Soundgas Studio.


This is a unique sale and features some incredible pieces, many of which are simply jaw-dropping and uncommon in Europe. We’re sure to have a hard time prising the Gates compressors – a Level Devil and STA-Level – out of studio engineer Ben’s hands (he’s still not forgiven us for listing the Tube-Techs last week). The RCA OP-6 is a legendary tube mic pre that’s likely to be snapped up immediately, with the racked pair of Neumann V476Bs close behind.

There are a few smaller pieces that suit those on a more modest budget, highlights include a Korg Minipops 120 beatbox (uncommon and a firm Soundgas favourite) and a Fisher Dynamic Space Expander Spring Reverb. Two of the three Vermona DRM1 Mk3s that formed the percussive backbone of Nils’ sound and live rig for so long and  Nils’ Eurorack modular synth modules from his Schneiders Laden 9HE Rack will be available at a later date.


Several items have featured on tour and on his recordings and written provenance will follow where relevant. The consignment has landed at Soundgas this morning so we’re still working on the definitive list. Prices have been added to the list where possible and the items are available for sale as soon as today’s mailout goes out at midday – please do not enquire about anything that doesn’t show a price. Priority will be given to our regular mailing list subscribers as always with new arrivals.


Please note that some items in the pictures are already sold or no longer being offered.

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