Tony & Jo Behind The Gear

Tony & Jo Behind The Gear

Our regular live broadcasts on Instagram Live on Tuesdays at 12pm GMT (London time) are proving popular. 

Last week we took a behind the scenes look at the work we’ve been doing for Ben Frost focusing on several of the key (rare) effects deployed. Watch the episodes below:

Ben’s soundtracks for Dark on Netflix are rightly highly regarded. He got in touch with us when we beta tested our remote studio access service last year. As a result, we were lucky enough to get to work with the string recordings he used for season one’s soundtrack: a dream come true for our freelance engineer, Felipe Gutierrez, who was already a fan of the show and Ben’s music as Ethermachines.


We were all pretty bowled over to be given such beautiful recordings and basically given carte blanche to do our thing with them. After the initial sessions, Ben came back to us delighted with the results and we were commissioned to work on more parts and told to get as dirty as we wanted. The results became the source material for season two, and Tony, Ben, Felipe, and the Soundgas Studio were credited for additional production on the physical releases (Vinyl on Invada Records) and also on the show’s end credits. We wrote a blog where you can read more about that process and watch some of the raw studio sessions.


Fast forward to December 2019 and Ben called up to say season three was in production and would we like to revisit our work, this time using newly-recorded brass and woodwind parts. We ‘got the band back together’ and Felipe flew direct (via London) from his family Christmas break in Colombia to Crich for the initial sessions.


Ben and Tony worked on additional material for Ben/Dark last week which was featured in our Behind The Gear broadcast on Instagram Live. Gear featured includes our modified Dynacord Echocord Studio, Cyclosonic FS-1D 3D Panner, the Soundgas Type 636, les Publisons (Infernal Machine and DHM-89), Lexicon Model 200, Ursa Majors (Space Station and Stargate 323) as well as the Denon DM-2000 ½” Tape Echo.

We’re compiling the footage into a video for YouTube – we’ll add that to this post soon, but right now you can watch both episodes on Instagram:

Catch the next Instagram Live episode on Tuesdays at 12pm GMT (London time) on our feed soundgasltd and find past episodes on our IGTV channel.


Tony Miln is the co-founder (& Head Gear Head) of Soundgas.

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