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Lords Of The Springs – Tony’s Premier Guitar Article



UPLOADED: 14th May 2018


Last week saw the publication of my ‘Lords Of The Springs’ article for Premier Guitar. Being invited to write for such a finely-crafted publication was an honour and quite some education. I received a six-page document on correct writing practices for the house style, and another that detailed ethical guidelines (don’t be afraid of giving a bad review; no free or discounted demo units to be kept by reviewers; check all facts thoroughly). This was clearly a publication with very high standards and I didn’t want to let the side down.

My first piece was for the June 2018 edition on the subject of vintage spring reverbs, with particular emphasis on less-common units: definitely firmly in Soundgas territory. I found the process of researching and writing to be utterly-absorbing and the original remit of 1500-2000 words proved decidedly inadequate. I’m grateful to Shawn and the team for going with my flow and allowing the whole article to be published. We even got the cover shot – kudos to our in-house design/photography ace, Declan Kitts for his great work.

The article covers over 20 units with many audio demos featuring a guitar sample courtesy of Soundgas’ resident axe-slinger, Joel Kidulis. It’s available now from all good magazine sellers, or via the Premier Guitar site.

List of units involved:

Airline Reverb
Bandive Accessit Stereo Spring Reverb
Bandive Great British Spring
Danelectro 9100
Fisher Dynamic Space Expander
Fostex Reverb Unit Model 3180
Grampian Reverberation Unit Type 636
Guyatone Flip FR 3000V
Hawk HR-101, HR-202
Kawasaki Reverb Mixing Unit KEA-105
Klark Teknik DN-50
Korg SE-300 Stage Echo
Lafaytte LRE Echo Verb II
Telefunken Echomixer
Pioneer SR-101, SR-202, SR-202W
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Roland RV-100
Roland VX-55 Mixing Amplifier
Shin-ei ER-23 Echo Reverb Master
Simms-Watts Mixer Unit Hammond Reverb
Vox (JMI) Echo Reverberation Unit (1963)

Audio demos:


Tony Miln is the co-founder (& Head Gear Head) of Soundgas. See/hear him in action on Instagram.


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