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Yamaha SH-30NW Violyre Taishogoto

Yamaha SH-30NW Violyre Taishogoto

Brand: Yamaha

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Unique, inspiring keyboard style electric violin/cello with bow (can also be strummed with a plectrum) which stacks up impressively well with effects pedals, amps etc. Very weighty – beautiful build quality. Please note – the onboard reverb does not work – does not affect most use (designed for silent headphone practice)

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Product Description

Yamaha SH-30NW electric Violyre/Taishogoto for sale in excellent condition and working order aside from the onboard reverb which does not function.

One soft rubber key pad is missing but this doesn't affect use. Complete with case and bow.

Unique design that offers the usual taishogoto option of using a plectrum for mandolin/'guitar' type sounds, or by bowing like a violin or cello. Onboard reverb settings for quiet headphone use, or plug into your guitar amp/desk/pedals for wild Jimmy Page/John Cale theatrics. The range of sounds and tones that can be coaxed out of this instrument are immense: very refreshing, enjoyable and inspiring.

Yamaha Taishogotos are all well made but the build quality of the Violyre is next level - feels very weighty and solid. A serious instrument for the discerning player.

Uses a 12v centre positive power supply (and 9v battery) - not supplied but easy to source.

Taishogoto background:

The Taishogoto or Nagoya Harp is a Japanese stringed instrument dating back to the early 20th century. To enable 'quiet' practice with headphones,  an electric pick up was added which of course means you can now plug this into your pedal/effects chains, guitar amps, echoes etc. Played by strumming or plucking the strings with a plectrum while  'fretting' the notes using the keys, this could be viewed as an electric guitar for keyboard players. It's very similar to India's Bulbul Tarang, though happily not in build quality: I bought a Bulbul Tarang direct from India some years ago and it arrived with multiple issues caused by a combination of poor manufacturing and shoddy packaging. This is a delight to play and quick to get pleasing results.

I've been enjoying investigating these for a while now and have created some astonishingly huge electric guitar style walls of sound. I'm particularly fond of using it with a treble boost, germanium fuzz and tape echo. Traditionally the strings are all tuned to G, but it's worth experimenting with alternative open tunings (try slide, folk or lap steel tunings) as this can really open up the possibilities. If you have a few guitar pedals to hand you can very quickly create a massive sound from this humble little instrument. I've recently read that Harmonia apparently used one, which goes some way to explaining why I'm so smitten with them.

The pickup output is on a standard 1/4" socket.


Excellent condition with a few minor scuffs and marks. One soft key cap missing. Please see photos or get in touch if you require more information on condition.

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