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Yamaha REX50 Circuitbent

Yamaha REX50 Circuitbent

Brand: Yamaha

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An interesting “cheap” 80s digital unit – now certifiably BONKERS thanks to the modifications. Just wonderful.

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Product Description

Circuitbent Yamaha REX50 for sale.

These are interesting little boxes. Digital reverb, delay, modulation, gate, compression and more all in one. They were a (sort of) follow up to the SPX90 Mk1 with added distortion "for guitarists". Feature-packed at the time, as you can imagine with all these options, once you add re-clocking and the other modifications they are wild and can take you in many, many different directions. See the photo for an idea of the mods added - more info to follow.

The nine kinds of effects included are:

- Reverb: 4 types - Hall, Room, Vocal and Plate.
- Early Reflection: 4 types-Hall, Random, Reverse and Plate.
- Delay and Echo: with either separate or combined feedback.
- Modulation: 4 types - Flange, Chorus, Phase and Symphonic.
- Pitch Change: 3 types - MIDI controlled with feedback; 2 pitches in stereo or mono.
- Gate: a noise gate/envelope shaper and gated reverb.
- Compressor: a delay and compressor.
- Pan: auto-panning.
- Distortion: basic 'overdrive' distortion plus nine combinations with reverb, delay/echo and modulation effects.

Info mostly taken from this excellent 1988 REX50 review from Sound On Sound



Unit has scuffs and signs of wear, plus all the mods. But you're not buying this to put on the mantelpiece...

Voltage Information

100v Japanese model. For customers on 220/240v supplies we will supply a high quality step-down transformer free of charge with your purchase - let us know if this is not required. On North American mains (115/120v supplies) this unit will run without a transformer (we run all our tests using 120v power); however, a step-down transformer is recommended for extended use. We do not recommend using cheap, generic Chinese mains transformers - please ask if you have any questions about powering this unit.


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