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Yamaha CS-80

Yamaha CS-80

Brand: Yamaha

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Serial: 1140

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Product Description

Yamaha CS-80 for sale by auction - it is in working order but unserviced. Ex-Patrick Moraz (Moody Blues/Yes). In excellent condition having been well cared for and complete with many accessories and documentation.

If you want this serviced/upgraded by us, please do not bid until you have contacted us to discuss timescale and cost.

It has been assessed by Soundgas head synth tech, James Walker - he reports that it's one of the better examples we've yet seen. All appears to be as you'd expect for a vintage CS-80 that's not been recently serviced: the usual full recap, power supply overhaul, key contacts, and tuning/calibration, however all the key (impossible to find!) parts appear to be working fine.

The auction is for the synth as it stands with no service work performed by us: some potential buyers have said they wish to have servicing done by their own techs. Please read notes below if you wish to purchase this and have us restore it for you.

It comes with extensive documentation, archive/receipts etc - including the owners' guides and service manual/schematics. Complete with lid, stand, pedals, cover, wheels (for the case) all housed in a large, custom, wheeled flight case with Moody Blues stencil. The last owner has included various receipts, notes and CS-80 related dvds (a clip of Patrick Moraz/Moody Blues live, excerpt from BBC documentary with CS-80 playing Born In The USA, and CS-80 How To Play video). This is the most complete CS-80 package we've seen and the archive makes fascinating reading: it last changed hands in 1983 for £1200 (£295 less than a new DX-7)!

Servicing: this auction is for the CS-80 as it stands with no work beyond initial assessment carried out by us. Why? Because we have a synth tech queue that stretches into early 2022 and some customers have expressed interest in buying it for immediate delivery. It works, but requires the usual updates and service/tuning/calibration that you'd expect.

If you wish to bid on this and have us service it for you (at additional cost), then delivery estimate is towards the end of the first quarter of 2022. We may be able to better this, but CS-80s take time to get right. Extensive soak-testing following an initial overhaul often reveals further niggles and issues that require additional time (we have one about to leave that took six weeks and then threw up one final issue that took another week). If you try to rush a CS-80 or cut corners it will bite you, so we always try to over estimate timescale (and cost). Please get in touch for a cost estimate for the work: bear in mind that it will take at least two weeks of our senior tech's time (and quite possibly two or three times this).

SHIPPING: This will be charged separately once the synth is ready. Delivery will be by private courier for the UK and some of mainland Europe. Elsewhere we will engage a audio specialist shipping company (eg Rock-It Cargo). Please ask if you need an approximate quote for this - estimates based on previous shipments are £250-350 for van delivery to much of the UK, £800+ in Europe and $1500 plus for North America.


Further Soundgas Service Notes (only applicable if you choose to have this synth serviced at Soundgas):

Kenton Midi upgrade option possible – £650 + VAT - buyer to request at auction close.

If we service and calibrate this before shipping, the buyer should still be prepared for it to need further adjustment and calibration after delivery - if you live remotely, or do not have access to an experienced synth tech, a CS-80 may not be for you!

[We've been asked to clarify the above comment regarding the synth possibly requiring further work after restoration/shipping. CS-80s are complex beasts: anyone who guarantees 100% that a CS-80 will arrive perfectly calibrated/tuned following shipping is possibly being a tad optimistic. This does not absolve us of the obligation to service/ship correctly, but is full disclosure that we do not offer a warranty. It will leave us working fine (if we service it), but it may require calibration/ tweaks once it’s installed in its new home. Depending on the buyer's location, we may be able to recommend a trusted synth tech to assist, if required. Get in touch before bidding if in any doubt.]


In excellent cosmetic condition with minimal signs of age or wear. There are a couple of patches of discolouration across the face, mainly below the "Touch Controls" and on the circuit diagram door. The case is very clean with some minor wear around the edges and corners of the tolex. Please see photos or get in touch if you require more information on condition.

Voltage Information

Will be set up for either 120 or 240v operation before shipping.


For sales in UK the price will include 20% VAT. Buyers elsewhere may incur VAT or other local taxes on import.

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