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Yamaha CS-80

Yamaha CS-80

Brand: Yamaha

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No longer in stock. If you're interested in something similar, please make an enquiry below.

One of the great analoge polysynths, this Yamaha CS-80 is for sale serviced and in full working order.

Now back with us and fully restored. These are the first shots of the restored synth (the first one taken on the engineer's bench). Note that it still needs a final clean of the face. Full photo set to follow plus video of it in action.

**If you are looking for a CS-80 then sign up for our mailing list to be kept updated on our incoming gear, or contact us direct now. Likewise, if you have a CS-80 you are looking to sell then we can help you with getting it serviced and then achieving the best price. **

The service is complete, it is in full working order, and looks truly superb. The full service report is at the bottom of this listing. We are going to be giving it some thorough further testing over the next couple of weeks. If you have previously emailed about it then you will receive an update - if not then now is the time to get in touch!

Serial Number is 1406.

Here are a series of short videos of it we just posted to social media (hit the arrow on the right to go through them. No sound - just showing condition):

Commission sale on behalf of a client - it came to us from France and has been restored for us in the UK.

If you have gear you want us to look at selling on your behalf please get in touch.


Shipping is for guidance only and likely to be incorrect for an instrument requiring the specialist handling that this will need. Note that we are happy to deal with shipping this item to you (including a bespoke crate as needed), but are not able to provide individual quotes for every enquiry. When making your offer you should keep in mind approximate additional costs of £150 to the UK, £250-£700 to Europe and £700 to possibly over £1000 to North America (but note these figures are strictly for guidance only!).


  • Unit brought in droning on both card banks. Modification fitted to the KAS board to show which voice is triggered via LED causing problems. Remove modification and tidy up soldering. No drone but voice 2 on bank II missing. State variable filter IC10 with large positive DC offset. Replaced and cutoff point re-trimmed.
  • Unit will not control bank I in panel mode. Wire from BA board to 10.5V supply pin on potentiometer chain snapped off. Solder blue wire to back onto VR24 pin 3.
  • Remove PSU and rebuild. Replace all electrolytic capacitors, mains lead and rewire transformer for UK line voltage. Change spark suprression capacitor, downrate mains line fuse to 1.25AT.
  • No velocity control on key D5. IC4 on TSB board changed and key contacts cleaned.
  • Whilst running soak test unit issued strange noise and stopped responding to keystrokes. Key assigner LSI not issuing trigger voltages or key selection pulse trains due to low master clock amplitude (below 6V). IC8 on KBC2 buffer input loading clock oscillator output, replac. After failure after touch and initial touch both not working. IC8 and IC10 failing to provide a buffer from the clock line and hence not providing correct addressing for the multiplexed bus. Both ICs changed.
  • Address issues with noise from control panel controls. Rebuild sustain and glassando slide pots as closed to being jammed.
  • Test control panel functions and address issue as necessary. Retune all 16 oscillators. Check filter tuning and other key parameters. Clean unit both inside and out. Clean rear panel jacks. Final test.
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