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Vintage FX - Book by Matthias Fuchs

Vintage FX - Book by Matthias Fuchs


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Close encounters with 68 classic vintage studio effects – get up close and learn about these behind the scenes studio heroes that helped shape some of the greatest recordings of our times. Highly recommended!

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[ UPDATE: The Vintage FX website is now live, and, amazingly, it has sound samples for every effect in the book. ]

Vintage FX is a magnum opus about vintage studio effects which is utterly addictive and superbly informative. The photos are great (we supplied a few from our archives).

Features the unsung behind the scenes studio heroes that helped shape some of the greatest recordings of all time. Like the Eventide H-910 that got Tony Visconti the gig producing Low for David Bowie with Brian Eno in Berlin (his legendary description - 'it fucks with the fabric of time' - sealed the deal). This book gives the reader a comprehensive overview of and a glimpse into the world of classic studio effects units – perfect for producers, musicians, gearheads...

Written in English, this high-quality coffee-table book contains shows the high quality attention to detail that we at Soundgas love (embossed hardcover sleeve, high-quality paper, large format of 11" x 11" / 28 x 28 cm).

• A selection of 68 studio effects devices from legendary manufacturers such as Eventide, Lexicon, Roland, AMS, EMT, Publison, Dynacord, AKG, MXR, Ursa Major and many more
• 296 full-colour pages, printed on high-quality paper
• More than 350 full-colour illustrations
• Format: 11“ x 11“ / 28 x 28 cm
• Embossed hardcover
• Plenty of statements from artists and manufacturers
• Foreword written by Eventide‘s President, Anthony Agnello
• Written and edited by Matthias Fuchs, specialised journalist and expert on vintage gear
• Translated into English by vintage gear enthusiast and musician, Stephen Parsick

Anthony Agnello, President of Eventide Audio Division, Inc., wrote:

"This book is a work of passion and dedication. It's an encyclopedia. It's a reference. I am gobsmacked at the amount of detail included for each of his subjects. For nerds like me, the photos of the 'innards', the circuit boards, ribbon cables and controls are fascinating. Above all, it's also a great read. Matthias considers every aspect of every piece of gear. How it sounded, what it does, why it was developed, who developed it. And, I think most importantly, he documents the artists that found inspiration from these effects and how those seminal effects were used, sometimes for the first time, on iconic hit records."


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