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Trident TSM Console

Trident TSM Console

Brand: Trident

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Sorry it's gone. We may have another in stock or on the way. Please enquire below (or check our weekly Gear Update for incoming rarities).

A rare chance to secure a meticulously maintained 1979 Trident TSM console with great musical pedigree, having been used for Adele, Bjork, Rob D, Massive Attack, Klaxons, Peaches, SMD, Metronomy, Arcade Fire and many more. Those who've worked on it have referred to it as the best TSM console they've seen both inside and out, technically and cosmetically.

In good working order - this Trident has been with its current owner for many years and has been very well looked after.

Brokerage Sale. After your initial enquiry we will put you in touch with owner in order for you to discuss any questions you may have and to arrange viewing, payment, shipping etc. Contact us now.

More information from the owner:

  • Lines at mix: Total 60 - 32 line, 24 monitor, 4 aux returns
  • Dimensions: Length 255 cm (8ft 5") Height 106 cm (3ft 6") Depth 120 cm (3ft 11")
  • Easy to maintain with all non-hardware parts readily available.
  • Copper earth bar modification for ultra quiet operation
  • All original DL connectors plus two original power supplies.
  • Box of spares including extender cards, modules, faders, manual etc..
  • Includes stand, cladding, & all original mounting parts
  • Custom made ash wood loudspeaker shelf can be negotiated
  • Assistance with re-commissioning the console on site if required.
  • Can be viewed and tested in London SW18


  • Modifications: earth bar runs the length of the board and connected to all modules individually for super quiet operation
  • Quad fader disconnected (could be reinstated)
  • Alps faders upgrade on monitor section (original faders can still be re-instated
  • 6 pole Monitor feed selector switch fitted in Master (centre section) to allow 1-stereo 2- mute left 3- mute right 4-both left 5-both right 6-stereo.
  • Sub bass selector switch can be used to provide additional sub bass loudspeaker feed (currently not connected)
  • Monitor section able to access all 6 aux sends (instead of just 1+2 plus 5+6) by the use of pull up rotary pots on sends 1+2 so that they can also access sends 3+4


This will be arranged directly between you and the seller. Note that they are experienced at dismantling the packing this desk for shipping, and will also be able to advise on installation and recommissioning if needed.

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