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EC-1 Tape Cartridge for Echoplex, TTE

EC-1 Tape Cartridge for Echoplex, TTE


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Finally: a replacement tape cartridge for Echoplex and Fulltone tape echoes. Made in the USA using new ATR tape.

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Product Description

EC-1 Tape Cartridge by Mr Echo for sale. These are a brand new drop in replacement tape for the Tube and Solid State Echoplex: EP1, EP2, EP3, EP4 & EM1.

They also fit any machine that uses this style of cartridge (TTE, TTSE).

These have been available and in use in the USA for a while so we wanted to get some to try in our machines and for UK/EU customers. Mike Battle's Grandson in-law got in touch with us about them!

  • Made in the USA of premium components.

  • Fresh ATR lubricated tape not NOS or used 8 track tape.

  • A new felt tension pad is included as well as with every cartridge.

  • This product is already putting many Echoplexes back into service.


Brand new item.

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