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Teenage Engineering CM-15

Teenage Engineering CM-15

Brand: Teenage Engineering

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Pre-order for delivery in 2-3 weeks. A versatile studio quality, ultra-portable microphone that comes with a built-in professional usb-c audio interface with built-in preamp.

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Product Description

Arge-diaphragm capsules are preferred for professional recording, but are rare within the world of portable equipment. CM–15 features an ESS sabre analog-to-digital converter, preserving high-fidelity sound and capturing exceptional detail in any recording situation.

Clean, rich, transparent and natural sound. period. use the gain switch on the back for padding those mean drums, or the other way around. battery-powered with an integrated audio interface and
preamp, CM–15 is always ready to use wherever you like to record. in other words: ’lean operation’.

Our first microphone also means a unique sound quality to discover. rich, transparent and natural, CM–15 captures clear and clean sound for professional audio productions, always ready to set up wherever you like to record.

CM–15 is an incredibly versatile microphone, both inside and outside the studio. the large-diaphragm condenser capsule essentially means you get a better signal, so there is less noise and better depth of sound.

Vocal recording

As a directional mic, CM-15 is perfect for the vocal booth, focused on picking up sounds in front of it.

Instrument recording

With the flattest frequency response at a 60cm distance, CM-15 is perfect for capturing a variety of instruments, including your drum kit.


CM-15 is great for podcasts and interviews, where high audio quality and portability is necessary.

Field production

With a compact form factor and 10 hour rechargeable battery, it's a great tool for every "Trip"

Camera mic

When filming with a video camera, connect CM-15 through the line out to record synced audio directly.


CM–15 has multiple outputs that can be used simultaneously: mini xlr, 3.5 mm jack and usb-c. it can also be powered three ways, through phantom power, battery or usb-c, instantly detecting the right power source for your connected device.

CM–15 is part of our ultra-portable sound recording and performance system. all battery-powered, rechargeable via usb-c and with full interconnectivity (midi and high resolution audio). compatible with iOS, macOS, and windows it's the most powerful, highest quality, portable system in the world 'as we know it'.


Brand New!

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