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Suzuki Kohaku CHK-4 Bass Electric Taishogoto

Suzuki Kohaku CHK-4 Bass Electric Taishogoto

Brand: Suzuki

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Killer bass “keytar”. Easy to play, sounds wonderful and becomes a monster through effects.

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Product Description

Suzuki Bass Taishogoto for sale in beautiful condition with no signs of use, complete with hard case and accessories.

Ready to play and sounds HUGE with pedals or your Soundgas Type 636P.

A perfect option for the keyboard player who wants to get some live bass action but perhaps lacks the fretboard dexterity (or who simply wants a new approach for inspiration).



The Taishogoto or Nagoya Harp is a Japanese stringed instrument dating back to the early 20th century. To enable 'quiet' practice with headphones, an electric pick up was added which of course means you can now plug this into your pedal/effects chains, guitar amps, echoes etc. Played by strumming or plucking the strings with a plectrum while  'fretting' the notes using the keys, this could be viewed as an electric bass guitar for keyboard players. This is a delight to play and quick to get pleasing results.

I've been enjoying investigating the guitar versions for a while and have created some astonishingly huge electric guitar style walls of sound. This bass Taishogoto has been a delightful addition to the arsenal - I've been getting some very raucous results with some overdrive/fuzz from the Soundgas Type 636P. Traditionally the strings are both tuned to G an octave apart, but it's worth experimenting with alternative tunings for chord style playing as this can really open up the possibilities. If you have a few pedals to hand you can very quickly create a massive sound from this humble instrument.

The pickup output is on a standard 1/4" socket.


Stunning. Please see photos or get in touch if you require more information on condition.

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