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Sony MXP-290 8ch Broadcast Mixer

Sony MXP-290 8ch Broadcast Mixer

Brand: Sony

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Sorry it's gone. We may have another in stock or on the way. Please enquire below (or check our weekly Gear Update for incoming rarities).

Serviced and working. Balanced input, 8-channel broadcast mixer with two aux sends. Excellent mic pres and high quality build/components.

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Product Description

Sony MXP-290 broadcast mixing desk for sale.

DOES IT WORK? Serviced and working well. No further warranty on auction items.

IMPORTANT: These Japanese mixers have the XLR in and out sockets the wrong way round so you will need to use adaptors (or change them!). See the rear shot for more information.

VOLTAGE: Set to 110v (originally 100v). You will need a step-down transformer for UK/European voltage.

These are great Japanese, made for broadcast compact console. Eight channels with mic/balanced line input, 3-band EQ, two aux sends (aux 1 can be pre or post-fader). High build quality and excellent, clean mic pres: a perfect front end for home/writing studio use.

The Aux Send channels have dedicated faders making them very playable for dub mixing, but there's no dedicated effects returns, so you need to bring them back on the channel inputs. We use them for demos and while they are not the same as the earlier Rolands, Teacs etc that we love, you can drive the inputs/eq into very pleasing saturation.



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Good with normal signs of use. Some wear in a few places. Needs a bit of a clean. See photos for more info.

Voltage Information

110v model. A step-down transformer is required in the UK/EU. We do not recommend using cheap generic Chinese mains transformers and can supply a high quality UK-made unit if required.


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