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Sony MXP-29 8ch Broadcast Mixer

Sony MXP-29 8ch Broadcast Mixer

Brand: Sony

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Superb 8-channel broadcast mixer with two aux sends. Excellent mic pres and high quality build/components. Serviced and ready to ship.

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Product Description

Sony MXP-29 broadcast mixing desk for sale.

Please note that the photos show the desk for sale, but we have another nearing completion in similar condition so if this has sold, please get in touch to preorder the next one.

Superb Japanese made for broadcast compact console. Eight channels with mic/line input, 3-band EQ, two aux sends (aux 1 can be pre or post-fader). High build quality and excellent, clean mic pres: a perfect front end for home/writing studio use.

The Aux Send channels have dedicated faders making them very playable for dub mixing, but there's no dedicated effects returns, so you need to bring them back on the channel inputs. Tony's been using one of these for a compact performance/testing set-up and enjoying it very much: you can drive the inputs/eq into very pleasing saturation.

Rack mountable.

The full overhaul is nearly two days of work and includes recapping the power section, all pots and sliders cleaned, and replacing or switching the input/output XLR sockets which as standard are the wrong way round (broadcast configuration?). See below for further notes from the tech report.

- - - - -

Voltage: Can be run on 100v (via standard IEC lead), or they will work with a 12v DC power supply (not supplied, nor tested with 12v supply). The mixer will run on 120v but we recommend using a step-down converter for long term use. For 220/240v supplies you will need a step-down transformer. Get in touch to add one to your order.

Further notes from the engineer:

Although they’re fairly easy to work on, a common issue is the Headphone/TB & OSC boards. Identified by hearing the OSC through the headphones constantly at a low level, and missing one ear of the mix. (The boards are all connected by a ribbon that’s held in by a foam that has disintegrated which messes with the connections and requires removal and thorough cleaning).

It’s also a laborious process to get to the power unit, and there’s a lot of caps in there, so it does take time to do this right.

One thing I’ve noted is that the LED meters create a crosstalk, it’s pretty low level. It’s most noticeable if there is signal going to Aux 1 (moving the meters) and you’re monitoring on Aux 2 (or visa versa). I’ve found this on all of the models I’ve had so far, so seems to be a design issue.


In excellent cosmetic condition with only minor signs of age and wear. Please see photos or get in touch if you require more information on condition.

Voltage Information

See description for more information.


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