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Roland TR-727 Expanded (707 808 909 plus 4 Soundgas Banks)

Roland TR-727 Expanded (707 808 909 plus 4 Soundgas Banks)

Brand: Roland

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Sorry it's gone. We may have another in stock or on the way. Please enquire below (or check our weekly Gear Update for incoming rarities).

One of our bespoke HKA/Soundgas 727s. Includes four custom banks of our own design, plus 707, 727, 808 and 909.

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Product Description

Modified and expanded Roland TR-727 Rhythm Composer for sale with exclusive Soundgas HKA mod.

Supplied freshly serviced and modified with extra voice EPROM expansion from HKA Design, but for this one we've added four banks (of the eight) with our own sounds - an idiosyncratic selection culled from some of our favourite drum machines by our wizard synth tech, Chris.

This non-invasive, reversible mod allows switching between eight banks of sounds (it still operates exactly as a stock 707 at power up). Featuring new drum sounds in each kit. The last two sounds  (707 crash + ride or 727 quijada + chime) remain the same across all banks, as they are stored on their own ROMs. The banks included are:

  1. TR-707

  2. TR-727

  3. TR-808

  4. TR-909

  5. Soundgas Roland CR/TR (CR-78 & TR-66) - hear the first demo of this bank

  6. Soundgas Korg favourites (KR-55 & Mini Pops 7)

  7. Soundgas Elka/Maestro (Drummer One meets Rhythm King)

  8. Soundgas Toy Box (Mattell + Casio)

All sounds are extracted from our own machines. Limitations of the EPROM storage mean samples must be short and punchy (hence the cymbals having their own EPROM) which affects the choice of sounds to include.

Bank switching is done by holding down one of the first 8 step keys while turning the machine on. The setting is remembered and will be recalled the next time it’s turned on. There are no modifications to the outside of the machine, and the installation is easily reversible.

Covered by our usual warranty.

Requires a 9-12V power supply (not supplied). Find them on the Roland website here.


In excellent condition with minor wear or signs of age. Plastic around the screen section is a slightly different shade. Please see photos or get in touch if you require more information on condition.

Voltage Information

See description for more information.


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