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Roland System-100 Model 103 Mixer

Roland System-100 Model 103 Mixer

Brand: Roland

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Sorry it's gone. We may have another in stock or on the way. Please enquire below (or check our weekly Gear Update for incoming rarities).

Four channel stereo output mixer with onboard Roland spring reverb. Outstanding in its own right, or part of your journey to completing your very own System 100. Supplied serviced and with warranty.

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Product Description

Roland System-100 Model 103 Mixer for sale.

These are excellent submixers; capable of summing your analogue gear and adding some wonderful extra character and warmth when pushed. Interestingly the reverb on these uses the same tank as the Space Echo, however the sound is noticeably warmer and generally more pleasant*, making the mixer very useful as a reverb unit in its own right.

*We have yet to investigate precisely why this is, but we will...


More about the Model 103 from Vintage Synth Explorer:

The Mixer 103 is a cool add-on. Features 4 inputs and 4 sliders, and mixes these down to 2 outputs. There are two analog VU meters (a nice touch) as well as panning, mono effect sends/returns, and a built-in spring reverb! The Model 103 is designed to sit on the right side of the System and feeds the Monitor Speakers. The speakers provide a stereo monitoring source which is another great (optional) touch! The Mixer not only has outputs for these speakers, but also Line-Outs for use live or in the studio!


Very good. It has some scuffs on the front panel, mainly on the bottom right, plus other signs of age on the rear panel and elsewhere. See photos for more information on cosmetic condition.

Voltage Information

100v Japanese model. For customers on 220/240v supplies we will supply a high quality step-down transformer free of charge with your purchase - let us know if this is not required. On North American mains (115/120v supplies) this unit will run without a transformer (we run all our tests using 120v power); however, a step-down transformer is recommended for extended use. We do not recommend using cheap, generic Chinese mains transformers - please ask if you have any questions about powering this unit.


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