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Roland System-100 Model-101

Roland System-100 Model-101

Brand: Roland

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Sorry it's gone. We may have another in stock or on the way. Please enquire below (or check our weekly Gear Update for incoming rarities).

An excellent example of one of the best Roland monosynths from the classic Roland era. Serviced and ready to ship.

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Product Description

Roland System-100 Model-101 analogue synthesizer for sale.

Complete with the original case (love the red interior) and manuals.

These are great as a standalone instrument, or of course can be paired with the Model-102 to great effect (and then you're well onto the slippery slope to full System-100 ownership...).

Serviced including recapping and extensive cleaning of controls. Note that some light crackle may occur, especially after periods not being used, however this will clear with use.

From Vintage Synth Explorer:

The System 100 is a great and classic analog synth. It's a beautiful semi-modular monophonic synth. The Synthesizer 101 section is the heart of the system, from which you could add-on any of the other modules of your choice. Different combinations of these components can be used to create systems of varying potential. 

The Synthesizer 101 section is a fully self-contained analog mono-synth. It features a 37-note keyboard (with no performance controls, velocity or aftertouch), and lots of sliders to tweak. Its design is similar to the SH-series analog synths. Controls for the VCO, LFO, VCF lowpass/highpass filters, VCA with ADSR, Noise, and Portamento/Glide effects are all within hands reach. There's also a handy A-440Hz tuning oscillator, like on the Minimoog.


In excellent overall cosmetic condition. The signs of age are mainly some wear around some controls. There is also some tape residue on the rear. See photos for more information on cosmetic condition.

Voltage Information

Will be set up for either 120 or 240v operation before shipping (originally a 100v machine).


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