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Soundgas RE-402 Stereo Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Soundgas RE-402 Stereo Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Brand: Roland

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One tape, one motor, one set of stereo heads, two separate chassis/circuits. Early preamps, internal ping pong mixing, plus motor slow speed/stop mod. Individually selectable head patterns for each side, plus all the usual controls and features of a 201, naturally including two spring reverb tanks.

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Product Description

This is the culmination of several years' development: a two channel stereo Roland Space Echo with our early preamp mod. The RE-402 is the ultimate vintage analogue echo - once you hear stereo ping pong tape echoes, you'll be ruined for anything else!

The price of unrestored 201s has more than doubled in the past two years and good machines are getting harder to source: we only ever use the very best low use machines for our restorations and the results speak (or sing) for themselves.

We are unlikely to build vast numbers of 402s: they are costly and time consuming to get right. After the initial preorders are delivered we may release occasional short preorder runs if demand is there. For those who cannot afford the 402, we are working on a single chassis stereo machine which we hope will be ready by summer 2024.

See below for some initial demos.

The below is an early description - there are more features now included (internal ping pong mixing; motor slow speed/stop mod).

One tape, one motor, one set of stereo heads, two separate chassis/circuits - one each for left and right with full controls/features. Individually selectable head patterns for each side from the stereo heads plus all the usual controls and features of a standard 201, naturally including two spring reverb tanks.

Includes our early preamp modification for the very best RE-201 sound.

The pictures show our prototype: Dr Huw and Max have designed/finessed an internal mix function for stereo ping pong delays. It is absolutely joyous and easily the most glorious tape echo experience I’ve had. In addition, there is a motor slow speed/stop function - allows super slow/long delays that get gloriously dark and warbly at the most extreme low speeds (as well as enabling tape slow down-stop or start-up effects).

EARLY PREAMPS: We have modified this to have the same preamp spec as the very early Space Echoes. These clip more evenly and more musically. They also do so at a lower signal strength which gives a little more control; they really shine with guitar or acoustic sources. We only do this to machines that are performing extremely well; in particular it is essential that the heads are at peak performance in order to get the full benefit of the modification.

CASE: Bespoke tolex covered handmade wooden cases.


Of course all parts of this machine will be given the full Soundgas Space Echo overhaul and will be fitted with a new motor. For those not familiar with our work, in addition to the basic service, recapping and set up, this includes:

  • One of our new tapes

  • One of our pinch rollers (more info to come about these, but essentially it's an original pinch roller with a new bearing and new rubber - time consuming to produce, but only the best will give the best long term performance)

  • Heads re-lapped to bring performance to better-than Roland factory spec - they are now more even and run at low head gain (so you have the maximum amount of headroom available)

  • Switchable voltage transformer installed (120/240v)

Every machine is also tested by a musician before shipping as well as by our techs. Every one supplied with 12 months warranty and ongoing service support.


Every unit will be unique but we will be using front panels and other hardware in very good condition for these builds.

Voltage Information

Switchable voltage for use anywhere in the world - it will be set up ready for you to use before we ship.


For sales in UK the price will include 20% VAT. Buyers elsewhere may incur VAT or other local taxes on import.