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Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo *MINT*

Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo *MINT*

Brand: Roland

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Sorry it's gone. We may have another in stock or on the way. Please enquire below (or check our weekly Gear Update for incoming rarities).

A Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo for sale in exceptional near mint cosmetic condition and superb working order - the best we've ever seen. Barely-run, complete with vinyl cover & two RT1L tapes.

We're tape echo specialists and always have a good stock of vintage machines - see all our tape and disc echo units here

This one sounds great and is working perfectly; it's increasingly difficult to find these uncommon units in this condition. It's in top operating condition having just been serviced and calibrated for optimum performance. New tape fitted. Ready to give reliable service.

Heads in excellent condition showing low wear.

Exceptional near mint cosmetic condition. Comes with vinyl cover & 2 RT-1L tapes. Note that the instructions inside the lid and next to the tape tray are in Japanese but we will supply replacement English versions separately (we haven't swapped them due to the exceptional original condition of the unit - let us know if you want them fitting before it ships).

Roland Space and Chorus Echoes are amazing machines - and this model is a stunner: the multi-head echo combinations, a good spring reverb, Roland chorus and the Sound On Sound feature all add up to a classic piece of studio gear.

A fine example of this iconic machine: Brian Setzer's favourite tape echo.

We can also supply replacement instructions for all Roland echoes and tried and tested replacement Roland tape loops.

Roland Space and Chorus Echoes are amazing machines - if you're only going to have one tape echo, then this is the one (IMHO): the multi-head echo combinations together with a great spring reverb adds up to a classic piece of studio gear, the sound of which you've heard on countless records. It could be said that this machine is the sound of dub.

There are currently no operational issues with this machine, but please be aware that these units require looking after and that regular use and maintenance are key to keeping this in good working order.

  • It is a 100v Japanese model and will run fine on North American mains 115/120v without a transformer (we run all our tests using 120v power); however, a step-down transformer is recommended for extended use.
  • A step-down transformer is required in the UK/EU.
  • We do not recommend using cheap generic Chinese mains transformers and can supply a high quality UK-made unit if required.

For sales in UK/EU the price will include VAT. VAT-free sales are possible to businesses and individuals in the EU (outside the UK) with a valid VAT Number - please get in touch if you wish to buy this way.

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