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R2R Electric 2 Knob Treble Booster - AC107

R2R Electric 2 Knob Treble Booster - AC107

Brand: R2R Electric

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Brand new 2 Knob AC107 Treble Booster #781 (Dallas Rangemaster circuit) for immediate delivery from the UK.

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Product Description

Brand new R2R 2 Knob AC107 Treble Booster #781 (Dallas Rangemaster circuit) for sale. Immediate delivery from the UK.

Tony writes:

I’ve been a fan of Chris Vincent’s work as R2R Electric for some time: his workmanship and attention to detail is exceptional, and I'm very fortunate to have a few of his effects in my collection (yet always seem to be able to justify buying just one more!). His mission to rescue original components and use them to create these truly authentic vintage pedals is inspiring, and his mantra of "I only sell products that I would be excited to buy for myself" certainly resonates with us here at Soundgas.

NOTE: Pedal is located with us in the UK. Standard UK VAT applies. Shipping charged at our usual rates.

Every R2R Electric unit is built with a combination of New Old Stock (NOS) & vintage components recycled from 1950’s & 1960’s audio gear

These are the specs for this one:

  • Original Dallas Rangemaster circuit with 6 position rotary tone selector switch

  • Philips AC107 black glass germanium transistors

  • Vintage CTS, Centralab, Stackpole, Clarostat or Piher potentiometers

  • NOS Philips 47uf electrolytic capacitors

  • 1960's Wima TFF & Siemens & TRW polystyrene input capacitors

  • 1960's NOS Sprague Black Beauty output capacitor

  • Allen-Bradley carbon comp resistors

  • True Bypass footswitch

  • Switchcraft jacks

  • 1950's Bakelite Chickenhead knobs

*Due to the nature of this circuit, these pedals work best placed first in your signal chain. If you are using any buffered bypass pedals (ie: Boss, MXR, etc..) this pedal need to be placed before it in the signal chain. Please feel free to contact me with any questions*

**This pedal can be powered by 9v battery (included) or with a standard Boss/One Spot style 9v power supply**

***Please note that these pedals will not work in a power daisy chain with other pedals that use a standard negative center power supply like a Boss or One Spot. It will need its own isolated power source either it’s own separate power adapter or it works well with a Voodoo Labs or similar power brick***


Each of my pedals are made with high quality vintage components, either NOS (New Old Stock) or pulled from vintage audio equipment.

Each component is tested and matched to each pedal for optimum tone.

I back each pedal with a lifetime warranty so if it ever stops working, send it back and I’ll repair it at no charge (aside from intentional damage)

Every pedal is hand built in Los Angeles, CA


Brand new, boxed, unused.

Voltage Information

See description for more information.


For sales in UK the price will include 20% VAT. Buyers elsewhere may incur VAT or other local taxes on import.

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