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Pearl PM-66 6-Channel Programmable Mixer

Pearl PM-66 6-Channel Programmable Mixer

Brand: Pearl

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Auction for this interesting (unique?) mixer that allows you to set up four different mix+effect profiles and switch between them. Also overdrives to great effect.

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Product Description

Pearl PM-66 6-Channel Programmable Mixer for sale. Presumably designed to allow a drummer to switch between different volume profiles, but it surely has other possibilities. But first:

"Programmable?" OK, so...

  • You have four "programs" A to D.

  • For each you program you can set the volume of the six channels to different levels.

  • For each channel you can set the amount of effect (via send/return),

  • And whether that channel goes to output 1, 2 or both.

  • The two outputs have independent volume.

  • You can then switch rapidly between your programs via the push buttons.

Crazy. But possibly brilliant. The channels overdrive with a pleasing crunch, and you can obviously dial in different mixtures of overdrive in your different programs: route a few beats and a sequence through it and hey presto! You're able to do a live mix/performance jumping between your different sections and tweaking the effects. This is probably not what Pearl had in mind...

Requires a 15v DC centre negative power supply (not included).

Soundgas Toy Shop listing: this item has been serviced, however to make this as affordable as possible, everything here is sold as-is, without warranty.


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Very good. A few scuffs and minor signs of age only.

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