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*NEW* Gurus Echosex 2º T7E Model

*NEW* Gurus Echosex 2º T7E Model

Brand: Gurus

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If you're looking for the authentic sound of a well-calibrated valve Binson Echorec 2, then our original restored machines are still the only way to truly achieve this.

However, if you're looking for a pedalboard-friendly and maintenance-free recreation of the classic Echorec 2 at a fraction of the cost of the original, then the Gurus Echosex 2º T7E is the way forward.

Please note, that this unit requires a 12V 500mA DC (negative tip) power supply - these are not included in the sale.


Below is Gurus' description from their product launch information:

Much more than just a "recreation" of the legendary Binson Echorec 2. Gurus have taken all that they learned with their multi-award-winning "single tap" Echosex 2 pedal and developed a version that gives full access to the range of sounds a Binson is capable of with 4 "heads" available. But they've done more than that, keeping the musicality and creativity of the Echorec, but upgraded to meet the needs of today's musicians.

They had three main goals:

1) No mechanical parts in movement: absolute reliability in any condition, with no maintenance needed.

2) Improved Audio Quality: The insane frequency response of the Echosex 2° T7E, from 7Hz to 161KHz, and the DI Wet Out, make it a modern piece of gear, able to be connected to today highest professional studio grade devices.

3) With the “Motor Adj.” you have the possibility to increase the overall delay time, reaching around 740ms keeping the Heads in Sync, making it suitable for a larger number of musical applications than it’s predecessor.

More on each of those points below, but first here's a screen grab from the pdf of the manual we received so you can see the controls in full:

Gurus Echosex 2 T7E Controls

It is designed to have ALL the same features of the Binson. In addition it has the beautiful Age of Damage as on the standard Echosex - mimics the wearing out and that beautiful modulation/pitch shifting of old units.

They also improved the overall performance, engineering a new preamp section, a new power section and many parts, creating the best product they have ever produced (which is saying something given how many awards they have already received).

More on what they did and how they got there (from the manual):

- No mechanical parts means no maintenance needed, and this was the main issue for that kind of unit, and it was simply the best engineering way in the 50’s, but today, we have better ways to be used to reproduce the magic without keep the pain of maintenance.

- Improving the Audio Quality was another important goal for us, as the quality of studio gear in the digital era needs very high quality standard for any device, so, we chose to design a Pure Class A preamp section made by Cascode J-FET to obtain the insane 7Hz to 161000 Hz @1db. frequency response range. So an outstanding linearity. This LET came out the Magic of the “old Italian Echo” in any condition.

- With our first Echosex 2° we already demonstrated how that kind of magic could be great if applied to modern needs, by extending the delay time ability to 660ms. Imagine that it is used in records like Toto by Steve Lukather that use it for ALL of his soloing.. he would have never use an “old Italian Echo” because it was not suitable for that kind of use having a limited time of 350ms.. So we chose to add also this feature to actual T7E model, and extend its possibilities by the heads combinations. With the Motor Adj. trimpot you can extend the overall delay time, keeping all the combinations syncd. It’s like physically moving the heads around the spinning drum, keeping the same distance from each other…

  • Comes with a 2 year warranty from Gurus
  • Requires a 9-12V DC (negative tip) power supply (400mA at 9V, 500mA at 12V) - we can advise on or supply what you need for this.

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