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Moog Opus III

Moog Opus III

Brand: Moog

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Safe, powers up, but does not make sound. Clearly needs a service and some general care and attention to get it back to its best.

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Product Description

We really want one of these for the studio. But with no tech time to fix this one it needs a new home and some love.

Electrically safe and it powers up.

UPDATE: Does not make any sound. Modulation light is flashing and all controls seem to move OK (with the exception of one slider that sticks half way).

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Scruffy. Missing various knobs and sliders. Keys have wear and tear. Needs a serious clean! See photos for more info.

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Voltage Information

220/240v unit. A step-up transformer will be required for use on 110/120v supplies. Please ask if you need advice on what to use. We do not recommend using cheap, generic Chinese mains transformers.


For sales in UK this item is on the margin scheme for second hand goods.

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