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Meris MercuryX - Modular Reverb System

Meris MercuryX - Modular Reverb System


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Please call for a delivery estimate. Conceived as a Modular Reverb System, this pedal offers a completely new user interface and experience that is designed from the ground up, for immediacy and intuitiveness. Giving the user ultimate creative freedom in crafting their delay sounds, MercuryX’s modular architecture uses discrete processing elements and control signal modifiers, breaking the paradigm of pre-set delay types.

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Delivery Expected End of November!

All of our passion for pro audio has made it into both the algorithms and hardware performance of this pedal. MercuryX combines 8 custom Meris reverb algorithms and incorporates those into a modular system architecture that first introduced with the award winning LVX pedal. It features discrete processing elements and control signal modifiers that can be connected as desired for infinite flexibility in crafting custom reverbs.

Here is a deep dive into the 8 different reverb structures in MercuryX. Each Reverb Structure has Gate controls that can be used to dial in a range of gated reverb effects including the classic percussive gate sound, reverse tail reverb sounds, and slow breathing textures. Similar to the Dry Blend control of the Predelay, each Reverb Structure features a Predelay Blend control that allows you to put some or all of the predelay reflections in parallel with the reverb tank.

• Ultraplate - Adapted from Mercury7, Ultraplate is an inspiring and lush plate with a fast build. Use the Ultraplate’s flexible decay range to create a wide range of studio textures.

• Cathedra - Adapted from Mercury7, Cathedra is a massive and ethereal algorithm with a slow build. Cathedra is perfect for scifi textures and recreating C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.

• Spring - A flexible algorithm that can be voiced to replicate both the amp based reverb sounds and the classic studio spring tanks featured on early recordings.

• 78 Room - A lively and direct sound. This algorithm is great for transforming static sounding virtual amps into the difficult to capture sound of a great amp live in the room with you. The Room algorithm features a unique infinite mode (Maxed out Decay controls) that interacts with the Tank Mod to provide deep chorused and flanged reflections.

• 78 Plate - Fast and dense, the 78 Plate algorithm is a good match for beefing up percussion and vocals.

• 78 Hall - A large hall with a medium build up of reflections. Great for building up ambient walls of sound. The Hall algorithm’s extended reflections are a great base for sculpting with the Bass/Mids/Cross controls. Deep rumbling bass caverns and ethereal upper mid emphasized halos of sound are easy to create. Explore the additional sparse mode for the Hall when Diffusion is set Low.

• Prism - The Prism Strucure is an dual tank that allows you to build your own geometric rooms by specificying the size and distance and reflectivity. Prism features a highly configurable modulation section which allows different modulation phases per side to further increase the stereo image.

• Gravity - The Gravity Structure works by accelerating indivual windows of your signal and stretching them across the horizon. Gravity is great for adding padlike textures beneath to your sound and features an powerful modulation section capable of both gentle and chaotic pitch effects inside of the reverb tank. Gravity’s Gain control is crucial to taming the explosive textures contained within.

We hope MercuryX will be the most powerful and at the same time, the most intuitive reverb you’ve ever used. Transcend to New Worlds.

Main Features:
• Modular Reverb System architecture pedal
• 8 Custom Meris Reverbs (Ultraplate, Cathedra, 78 Room, 78 Plate, 78 Hall, Spring, Prism, Gravity)
• Expanded 2.54 secs of Stereo Predelay with modular Feedback Routing Location
• Advanced ARM Processor
• Configurable Reverb Structures, Types, and Processing Elements for the ultimate customization
• Intuitive Color Screen based User Interface
• Expressive Hold Modifier Switch for on the fly control
• 99 Preset Locations in 33 Banks
• Favorite Preset Bank for instant access to your 3 favorite presets
• Instant Access Tuner with configurable Reference and Output mode
• Deep Modifier Section lets you route control signals to processing parameters
• New Independent Stereo Freeze alongside reverb
• Gate Envelope Controls for every reverb type
• All New Processing Elements including 79 Chorus, Vibrato, Vowel Mod, Tremolo, Hazy Lo-Fi and more
• Selectable Note Divisions for each side of the stereo Predelay
• Digitally controlled Analog mix bus
• Stereo input and output with separate jacks for each
• Switchable input/output headroom level for Instrument or Synthesizer / Line levels
• MIDI In and Out over standard MIDI Din Jacks
• Assignable Expression Pedal control for multiple parameters simultaneously
• Dedicated Expression Pedal Jack
• MIDI implementation for Continuous Control Parameters
• MIDI Preset Send and Receive
• MIDI beat clock synchronization
• Premium analog signal path and 24-bit AD/DA with 32 bit floating point DSP
• Premium Analog Devices JFET input section
• Dimmable screen and logo light
• Designed and built in California, U.S.A.
• Powered by standard 9V power
(9V DC, centre -, 2.1mm, ~ 280 mA current draw)


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