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Macbeth M5N

Macbeth M5N

Brand: Macbeth Studio Systems

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White version of the analogue semi-modular, semi-mythical monster. About 100 ever made. No digital circuitry at all, no patch memory, no MIDI and no USB. Sounds IMMENSE.

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Product Description

Macbeth M5N analogue, semi-modular synth for sale.

Ken Macbeth hand-built around 100 of these before production stopped. We don't know how many white examples exist but there can't be many. Beautifully laid out with acres of room to get in and really play the instrument, these are very much the opposite of "pinch & squint" modular. It has plenty of ARP influence in the looks but it is no 2600 (or anything else) clone. Described as "big and brash" by Ken himself, more than one review says it can take you into classic big bottom Moog territory if that's where you want to go.

All sockets are normalised - so no need to start plugging in cables if you just want to dive in and make some noise.

A read of the reviews below and a good look at the front panel shots should tell you what you need to know. The pair of excellent filters are worth a mention though: there's a 24 dB/oct lowpass ladder filter and a 12 dB/oct with Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass and Notch options.

As the intro says: this is a modern but militantly analogue affair; you won't find such luxuries as patch memory, MIDI or Bluetooth nonsense here! But of course there is CV control and the front panel is even raised up a few inches ready for you to put a keyboard in front of it.

There's a good, informative review of one on Gearspace, and also this review on Audiofanzine translated from French has a slightly wonky, poetic quality that somehow seems to capture the instrument very well (it's certainly clear that the reviewer likes it very much!). Also check out Vintage Synth Explorer for a solid rundown of the features.

Commission sale on behalf of a client. If you have gear that you want us to look at selling on your behalf then please look at our Commission & Consignment page for more information and get in touch to discuss your requirements.

As a commission sale, payment will be made to us but will be held in escrow for the seller until the buyer confirms satisfactory receipt of the item. IMPORTANT: The buyer has 14 days from receipt to raise any concerns, after which they accept full and final responsibility for the item purchased and the funds are released to the seller. Full terms available on request.


Near mint. Please see photos or get in touch if you require more information on condition.

Voltage Information

220/240v unit. A step-up transformer will be required for use on 110/120v supplies. Please ask if you need advice on what to use. We do not recommend using cheap, generic Chinese mains transformers.


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