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Lexicon 224X Digital Reverb + Remote Control

Lexicon 224X Digital Reverb + Remote Control

Brand: Lexicon

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Stunning Lexicon 224X & LARC that has had a full overhaul from our vintage Lexicon specialist.

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Product Description

Stunning Lexicon 224X & LARC that has had a full overhaul from our vintage Lexicon specialist.

Lexicon 224X cable and remote for sale in perfect working order following a full service.

Supplied fully overhauled by the UK’s premier early Lexicon specialists (with whom we work closely). It has had the “full works” including replacement of all tantalum and electrolytic caps.

Has been extensively tested by Tony in his studio (he is not happy to hand it back) and is ready to ship.

Commission sale on behalf of the owner – no VAT.

What’s the difference between this and earlier/later versions?:

The original Lexicon 224 had a black front panel labelled “Lexicon 224” and black/cream metal remote control. It had an 8kHz audio bandwidth (not as much of a restriction as it might sound, since it is a send/return effect) and, in its fully upgraded form, nine effect algorithms with non-volatile storage of user patches. The sound has been variously described as “dark”, “dirty”, etc, and it certainly has a strong “early digital” character. This is the sum of several factors – transformer balanced inputs and outputs, relatively unsophisticated algorithms, imperfect (by modern standards) A-to-D conversion and so on. And the result is wonderful – it is the sound of Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack.
The later 224X (for sale here) had a black/blue front panel labelled “Lexicon 224X” and a black/blue metal remote control (actually identical electronically to the earlier version, just a different colour!). It represented a substantial upgrade of both the hardware and firmware, with the sample rate and audio bandwidth being doubled relative to the standard unit. But the audio circuitry was carried over, and the 224X is generally thought to sound as good as, if not better than, the earlier units. A lot more factory algorithms and patches were included and they were made significantly more editable than before. However, doing this was a bit unintuitive using the basic remote control, which had been designed for a simpler device.
For this reason, the 224X did not last very long. Lexicon designed a new remote control – the white plastic LARC (Lexicon Alphanumeric Remote Control) to make it easier to access the features of the unit. The new remote was offered as a retrofit kit for existing 224X owners and new units were sold with the LARC as the 224XL (though curiously, the front panel was never updated – there was never a panel labelled “224XL”).
So given that only the remote control was changed, surely the 224XL should sound the same as the 224X? Not quite. When updating the firmware for the LARC, Lexicon also did a massive overhaul of the algorithms, significantly changing the overall sonic character. It became “smoother” and more “polite” – the sound of the mid-1980s pop/rock. It’s still a great sound – and the LARC makes it much easier to tweak – but it’s perhaps not quite so unique and characterful as the 224 and 224X.
So which version to choose depends very much on how it is to be used. For those looking for a highly editable workhorse, the 224XL is the easiest to live with – and tends to be more reliable. But those who are looking for a signature sound will find it in the original 224 and 224X. In particular, the 224X is sought after because it occupies a sweet spot between the character of the original 224 and the complexity of the 224XL, with the added cachet of rarity.
IMPORTANT: as an early digital unit, it is quite possible that this will need adjustment/reseating of cards and possibly ICs on arrival. The buyer (or their tech/engineer) should be prepared to do this: it’s no drama and part of the reality of owning of one of these. We can of course provide detailed direction/support.


In excellent condition, serviced and ready to ship.

Voltage Information

Will be set up for either 120 or 240v operation before shipping.


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