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Gibson BR-3 1946 Lap Steel

Gibson BR-3 1946 Lap Steel

Brand: Gibson

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A lovely example of a truly vintage instrument. In great condition for its 78 years! Serviced and playing well.

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Product Description

1946 Gibson BR-3 Lap Steel for sale in excellent condition for its age and complete with original case.

Everything working as it should. One pot was loose which was due to the plexiglass around the pot cracking. As the pot appears to be glued on, we effected a basic fix by gluing the crack.

The pick up and Mallory cap are original, someone has added screening inside the cavity and earthing wiring at a later date. The pots look to have been there a long time, but we have no reference so cannot confirm originality.

All in all a lovely example of an uncommon guitar.


Obviously it has signs of age and the case is pretty worn, but overall this is a great example of a nearly 80 year old instrument. See photos for more information.

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