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Fender Blender Fuzz

Fender Blender Fuzz

Brand: Fender

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Sure it’s scuffed up. It doesn’t care. Someone drilled holes in it. It just laughed in their faces. Love these pedals so much.

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Product Description

Vintage Fender Blender for sale. Has a few cosmetic issues but we know these pedals well and this is a great-sounding example.

These pedals are truly unique - nothing comes close to the weird and wonderful sounds you can create - a thunderous cacophony of octave-like distortion and beefed-up fuzz: capable of some truly humongous noises. Great with synths and beats as well.

Do not confuse this with the reissue: the only similarity is in appearance. The original 1960s distortion master. Bags of attitude. Vicious and brilliant with everything (especially drum machines).

As famously used by Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins and Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine. Fender have now reissued the Blender: the reissues are interesting, but they lack the balls and power of these early pedals - close but no cigar when compared to the vintage unit: it just makes a valve amp sing and cry and moan and...

Here's what analogman has to say about the Blender:

"There are few Fender products with as much "indie cred" as the Fender Blender. Once thought of as an overly harsh fuzz pedal, the Blender, thanks to players like Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins and Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, is now a coveted, and rare, vintage pedal. Original Blender pedals routinely sell on ebay for between $300-400. Like Fender has done with guitars & amps, they are reissuing this pedal to satisfy the demand that has surged past the supply on the vintage market.

The beauty of this pedal is that it does not sound like anything else on the market. It has a totally unique voice. This is a pedal made for players who want to create instead of copy. With a bit of experimentation, a player can get countless sounds out of this pedal, some that were intended and some that were not. The Blender can be used for leads by metal players looking for an ultra-aggressive tone. This will replace other Octave/Fuzz pedals on pedalboards throughout the land.

I have found it's not as crazy and edgy as the Ampeg Scrambler, it's a little more mellow (at least compared to the Scrambler!). The Blender can get an AWESOME octavia sound with the neck pickup and the sustain knob down, very smooth like the Hendrix and KWS octavia sounds"


Has some scuffs and wear and someone drilled some holes in the case, but that just made it more ANGRY. See photos for more information on cosmetic condition.

Voltage Information

Powered by a 9v battery.


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