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Euterpe Vertice Analogue Filterbank

Euterpe Vertice Analogue Filterbank

Brand: Euterpe Synth

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Extraordinary and beautifully hand-built with a level of attention to detail rarely seen these days. So much more than an (incredible) filter bank: this thing compresses, distorts, amplifies, crushes, expands and processes, or just push it into feedback and it’s a synth.

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Product Description

Italy's Euterpe Synth have produced a truly wonderful thing here. This is the second version of their filterbank, built to the highest quality with vintage components, no corners cut and packed with clever ideas. Add to that that the people behind it are lovely, passionate audio lovers and we had to get involved. This feels (and sounds) like it was made in the glory days of early radiophonic gear: everything is chunky and high vintage quality.

Its functions are as follows, but this entirely fails to capture that the sum of being able to do all these things AT THE SAME TIME is so much greater than having each function in a separate box. You can:

  • Filter and equalise.

  • Amplify, both in the input stages and - very massively - over the final stages.

  • Sum up to 3 signals.

  • Distort.

  • Compress and expand (GSSL and dbx 160A style)

  • Deal with percussive situations thanks to the audio drivable EG.

  • Easily go into feedback mode and become a weird complete synthesis system.

  • Manage true stereo signals, duplicate mono signals or do the two things together.

As you will see there are two prices for two different options. The "Vintage" one is the same circuit but with a large number of components replaced with scarce NOS vintage parts for a unit that is truly as the designers originally envisaged it. This also makes your Vertice unique of course with a character like no other (yes reader, that is the option we went for!).

More info, an in-depth review and demos to come. But if you know us and what we like then don't sleep on this. They are built to order with a few options for customisation, and they definitely only have capacity to produce a very limited number per year.

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Brand new.

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