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Erica Synths Syntrx (B-Stock)

Erica Synths Syntrx (B-Stock)

Brand: Erica Synths

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Inspired by the EMS Synthi and VCS-3, but featuring all new circuitry – a triumph of design and manufacturing from the excellent Erica Synths. You will not be disappointed…
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Product Description

An original version of the much-loved Syntrx in full working order (tested by us!). In as new condition with all packaging etc.

When this first appeared we said this:

The Syntrx is very much in the style of the EMS Synthi A, and while it bears more than passing physical resemblance, the circuitry is all-new as is the digital patchbay. We are delighted to report that, like the Synthi, it will make Radiophonic-style bleeps and crackles, but it is also capable of much more besides - beautiful, warm and subtle musical tones/timbres can be coaxed from it, and hooking up a keyboard is essential.

Coming from Erica Synths, we expected a quality build, but wasn’t prepared for just how sweet the Syntrx could sound. Yes, The digital patchbay isn’t as immediate (or as much fun) as a pin matrix, but it works very well and enables you to save patches (old school overlays are also included) and you won’t run out of pins. We expected to like it, but maybe not to love it - we're none too enamoured with many modern synths - but the Syntrx is already nestling into the studio and all signs suggest that this is indeed a new love...

The Syntrx is a seriously good (and relatively-affordable) modern alternative to the Synthi A. The build and sound quality are both first class and this could well be our contender for synth of the year. Try one - you will not be disappointed!

From Erica Synths:


  • 3 highly accurate VCOs that track great over 8 octaves

  • Octave switch for the VCO1

  • Sync option for the VCO2

  • Noise generator with “color” filter

  • Resonant VCF

  • Ring modulator

  • Spring reverb

  • ASR/AD looping envelope generator

  • Joystick controller

  • Input amplifier with adjustable gain

  • 3 VCAs

  • Sample & Hold circuit with an individual clock

  • Output signal filter

  • Mechanical CV/audio signal level indicator

  • MIDI In and MIDI Thru

  • Built in speakers

  • Dimensions: 309mm x 457mm x 115mm (with the joystick in centre position)

  • Weight: 4.05 kg

Since its beginnings Erica Synths has promoted experimental electronic music and has developed instruments that enable musicians to unleash their creativity. When it comes to standalone instruments, we think, one of most encouraging instruments in experimental music was Synthi AKS, so we teamed up with engineers from Riga Technical University to develop a synthesizer with a user interface that challenges conventional wisdom in a sound design. We believe, it will inspire users to explore the sonic universe and travel to previously undiscovered audible realms.

UK/EU/USA power supply included for your region.

See the manual here.


In as new condition with all packaging etc. Box has very minor wear, creases etc.

Voltage Information

See description for more information.


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