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EMS Synthi AKS

EMS Synthi AKS

Brand: EMS

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Sorry it's gone. We may have another in stock or on the way. Please enquire below (or check our weekly Gear Update for incoming rarities).

One of our all time favourite pieces of gear for sale in perfect working order and superb condition. Detailed video demos below.

One of two EMS Synthi units we have for sale currently. See the Synthi A here.

This machine is in perfect working order - see below for a link that will take you to a set of very extensive videos of it undergoing testing in early January 2017. You will also see that it has clearly been very well cared-for.

Further down you'll find more information provided to us by the seller. This is a brokerage sale by Soundgas on behalf of the owner. The synth is not at Soundgas and we have not (sadly) had a chance to assess/play it ourselves. As such, we can offer no guarantee on this item. It is the buyer's responsibility to confirm details provided in the listing by the seller are to their satisfaction.

As a brokerage sale, payment will be made to us but will be held in escrow for the seller until the buyer confirms satisfactory receipt of the item. The buyer has 7 days from receipt to raise any concerns, after which we will release funds to the seller. Full terms available on request.

From the seller:

"I have two EMS Synthis for sale: 1 Synthi AKS and 1 Synthi A.

Both have recently undergone full professional services, are 100% operational and are available to demo in person. They are in superb cosmetic condition.

I've owned and sold EMS gear for the past 20 years or so (including Synthi 100, VCS3 Mk 1, Synthi AKS, EMS Vocoder and EMS filter banks) and these are two of the best condition examples I've seen.

The Synthi A is an earlier build (as denoted by serial number) and has the nice silver/metal joystick. It looks and feels unused: I’m seriously tempted to hang on to it.
I've invested a considerable amount of time and money in both instruments and taking this in to consideration the prices are fair.

I have service receipts for the Synthi A (from memory). The works were done by an experienced tech in NL, unfortunately my Dutch isn’t great and it’s not entirely clear to me what was done/needed doing during that service.

Importantly both Synthis operate flawlessly, I’ve had a good chance to test both out thoroughly over Christmas/since.

I’m not aware of any particular provenance for either Synthi, all I can tell is that whoever owned each of them previously has looked after them well.

I’m not in a hurry to sell either, in the sense that I wouldn’t be tempted by lower offers."

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