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Cwejman S1 Mk2 Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer

Cwejman S1 Mk2 Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer

Brand: Cwejman

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Cwejman S1 Mk2 Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer in stunning near mint condition. Boxed with manual and accessories.

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Product Description

Cwejman S1 Mk2 Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer for sale in stunning near mint condition. Boxed with manual and accessories. Serial number 1!

The Cwejman S1 Mk2 is not merely a synthesizer; it's an exquisite instrument that offers an expansive sound design realm for producers, musicians, and sound designers. Its scarcity and the manufacturer's commitment to quality make it highly sought-after in the synthesizer community.

Features precise oscillators, versatile filters, and dynamic modulation. Renowned for its clarity and clean sound architecture.

The manual can be found here.

A semi-modular analog synthesizer hailing from Sweden, conceived by the meticulous and innovative designer, Wowa Cwejman. Known for its premium build quality, superb sound, and compact design, the S1 Mk2 stands out in the world of modular synthesis. Below, we explore its key features and highlight some renowned artists who have utilized Cwejman synths in their sonic explorations.

Features and Functions

1. Oscillators

  • Three VCOs: Equipped with three versatile oscillators, offering a broad array of waveforms including sine, triangle, saw, and pulse.

  • FM & Sync Capabilities: Provides a rich sonic palette by facilitating frequency modulation and oscillator syncing.

2. Filter Section

  • Multimode Filter: Renowned for its clean, sharp, and resonant character, which can beautifully sculpt the harmonic content of sounds.

  • Multiple Modes: Featuring low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and notch filters to shape sounds meticulously.

3. Modulation

  • LFOs: Two low-frequency oscillators with varied waveforms for modulating numerous parameters, like pitch, filter, and amplitude.

  • Envelope Generators: Two ADSR envelope generators which can modulate various parameters and articulate the shape of the notes.

4. Modulation Matrix

  • Patchable: Extensive patch points and a semi-modular architecture that allow for intricate routing and experimental sound design.

5. MIDI Integration

  • MIDI-to-CV Converter: Offers MIDI integration, allowing it to interface seamlessly with other gear and DAWs.

6. Build & Interface

  • Durable Build: Constructed with top-tier components and materials.

  • Intuitive Interface: Though dense in functionalities, it offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Notable Cwejman Users

  1. Richard Devine: An electronic producer and sound designer known for his complex compositions and extensive use of modular synthesis, Devine has been a vocal advocate of Cwejman’s products.

  2. Aphex Twin (Richard D. James): Cited in numerous gear lists and spotted in studio photos, Cwejman modules have been a part of the eclectic and influential electronic musician's setup.

  3. Blawan (Jamie Roberts): The techno maestro, renowned for his aggressive and innovative sound, uses a variety of modular gear, including the revered Cwejman modules, to craft his signature tracks.

  4. Venetian Snares (Aaron Funk): Known for his breakcore chaos and beautiful melodics alike, Funk employs a variety of modular gear to shape his idiosyncratic sounds, with Cwejman being part of his sonic arsenal.


Superb as new condition. Please see photos or get in touch if you require more information on condition.

Voltage Information

Switchable voltage for use anywhere in the world - it will be set up ready for you to use before we ship.


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