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Brand: Gurus

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Sorry it's gone. We may have another in stock or on the way. Please enquire below (or check our weekly Gear Update for incoming rarities).

*NOTE - brand new pedal - box has been opened.


We love this pedal, but don't take our word for it – just reviewed it and said:

The Echosex is no doubt the best sounding echo pedal I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried a few. You can really hear the dedication, knowledge and love that went into designing and producing this thing.”

See the full Gilmourish Echosex 2 LTD review & demo here.


From Gurus Amps in Italy we have this brand new Gurus Echosex 2º LTD - one of a special run of only 500 tweaked versions (see below for more information) of their Echosex 2° pedal, itself a beautiful reincarnation of the Binson Echorec in pedal form.

This pedal is brand new and sounds superb. We've been servicing and selling Binson disc echoes for years and the original Echosex 2 is the best pedal version we've heard -see our Binson page for the regular Echosex pedal & our other Echorec units.

So why is this one special? To celebrate Cicognani Engineering's 20th anniversary they let their pedal wizard Guglielmo imagine a perfect Echosex 2 completely focused on guitar use, simulating a perfectly restored Binson Echorec coupled with a guitar for a (in their words) "very psychedelic sound".

Made in a limited numbered series of only 500 units, with serial number engraved on top - note that the photos are of an earlier unit we sold recently.

Features include:

- Custom colour with "Martellato" finishing and custom “Gurus” knobs.
- Maximum delay as a standard Binson with the common '60-'70 Mod that extends its max delay time near to 400ms.
- More focus on guitar use (fitted input impedance)
- More clarity

Plus, like all the Echosex pedals, it features a hand-selected tube used in the circuit path, Age of Damage control that emulates the sound of ageing Binsons, and the delay is fed through the tube/filter circuit for tonal enhancement. Scroll down for Youtube demos of the original Echosex 2 and more photos of this version.

The pedal comes a 2 year warranty from Gurus.

Please note that there's no power supply included with the pedal: it takes a standard 9 or 12 volt centre negative supply (290mA max).

When I first got our demo unit of the original Echosex 2 we were very impressed: it's absolutely stunning - very solid build-quality and a nice heavy feel - this is a pedal that's been designed and made with love and care; this limited edition version takes all that and add some extra visual tweaks that make it a superb looking and seriously well built piece of kit. I compared the Echosex 2 against an Echorec 2 that was awaiting servicing - the Echosex really does nail that Binson sound (see the first video demo below). My only disappointment is that it doesn't model the multi-head patterns, but I guess that's a lot to ask. I think it's a no-brainer for anyone who wants an authentic Binson sound for their live rig. No specific demos of this limited version yet, but we've done some more in depth demoing of the original and we are really impressed with the sounds you can get out of this unit - there's the second of these demos also below (plenty of feedback so watch the volume) and more to follow.

We're starting to get feedback from the first batch of the "normal" Echosex pedals that have gone to customers. Here's what two of them had to say:

"Great pedal and I have tried just about every delay out there- Tony at Soundgas was great. Have been using the Echosex live now for a week or so and absolutely love it! Really warm and musical repeats and great interactive controls- It's also the coolest looking delay out there- great build and materials- tube pre is worth the price alone."

"Hi Tony, just confirming my receipt of the Echcosex2. I must say also how happy I am with it. As you mentioned its build quality is superb, but also is the sound it produces. Warm, clean and accurate. There is no noise produced by the unit, which adds to the beauty. I'm very pleased to have purchased this unit, as it has now become my main FX unit in the studio. I love it."

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