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Coopersonic SPAM Fuzz

Coopersonic SPAM Fuzz

Brand: Coopersonic

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An improved Boss Tone fuzz circuit in an upcycled enclosure. High impedance, high gain, "90% meat".

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Product Description

An improved Boss Tone fuzz circuit in an upcycled enclosure. High impedence, high gain, “90% meat”.

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Meat the SPAM fuzz: a pedal/effect unit based on the Jordan Boss Tone and housed in a processed meat tin.

Technical details: It has a FET buffer on the front so has very high input impedance unlike the original, so no tone sucking etc. It also has rather more gain, so it gets quite extreme and/or unstable, producing an octave down at higher gain settings.

New product, exclusive to Soundgas. Currently available in four different variations:

– production prototypes – large tin – desktop or footswitch.

– production units – small tin – desktop or footswitch.

The Jordan Boss Tone is one of my favourite silicon fuzz boxes. Mine went in for a minor repair with my pal Martin at Coopersonic and he handed it back together with this. He’d improved the circuit and needed something to house it in. As his nonagenarian father has a penchant for the postwar processed meat staple, Spam*, he fished a clean tin out of the recycling and the Spam Fuzz was born. I use/like my Spam Box more than the original as it’s thicker and juicier than the Jordan.

It comes in two varieties: desktop and footpedal and has two controls labelled Pork and Ham (volume and gain). There are also a handful of original prototypes available which are housed in larger tins.

*For those who recoil at the idea of a meat container, it should be pointed out that Martin has been vegetarian for 38 years. The cans are cleaned and sterilised, however the upcycling credentials of this product in no way advocate the eating of Spam. Many of those who do eat meat may recoil in horror at the prospect (or you may in fact be a big fan of its use in Asian cuisine). If Martin’s father doesn’t eat enough Spam to supply enough tins, he informs us that his cats are most fond of it being higher quality than regular cat food.


Brand New!

Voltage Information

Takes a standard 9v power supply (not included).


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