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Chilton QM3 - 24-8-2 Mixing console - ex-BBC

Chilton QM3 - 24-8-2 Mixing console - ex-BBC

Brand: Chilton

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Sorry it's gone. We may have another in stock or on the way. Please enquire below (or check our weekly Gear Update for incoming rarities).

Our own studio desk (we've just found another which needs some work). A stunning console that we had completely overhauled just over a year ago at a cost of around £1500. In full working order after a final check over and tweak from our engineer.

This desk is ex-BBC and is in superb operating condition; it sounds fabulous and is a joy to use. The faders were originally reversed for BBC use, but we had them flipped for studio operation during the restoration - there are no level markings on the fader strips as the fader panels were turned upside down.

These desks are very well-made with quality components and feature excellent mic pres, musical eq and hi/lo filters on every channel, good metering, intuitive grouping and four auxes per channel.

Chilton QM3 - 24-8-2 Mixing console:

- 24 Mic amps & EQ
- 2 x C30 Stereo compressors installed
- Direct outs
- Chilton PSU with new cable (made for us)
- Balanced Mic/Line inputs and Main/Aux outs
- Flipped faders
- Full re-cap/restoration

- Dimensions: 150 cm x 70cm x 30cm
- Weight: approx 60kg

CONDITION: The wooden case has some dings and marks but nothing serious. And the three missing knob cap will be replaced. See the photos and please ask if you need more shots or information.

There are no known faults with this unit and it comes backed by our guarantee of your complete satisfaction - the desk has had a complete and thorough overhaul by an analogue console specialist. There may be an occasional crackle from the odd switch or pot - nothing serious and as you'd expect with a desk this age - down to infrequent use and if it occurs it should clear with a few switches/turns. The power supply connecting lead is a later customer made cable.

    Shipping notes:

    This is a very heavy item and we welcome collection in person. Worldwide shipping possible. We can organise crating and shipping to the USA/Canada - the true cost will be around £1000, but we're discounting this to £250 to offset import tax costs for US/Canadian buyers. EU customers who are further away from the UK than Germany/France, please contact us for an exact price.

    UK buyers: If you are within 50 miles of the M1/M25 in the UK then we may be able to get it transported by our courier - please ask if you need a quote. If you are more than 50 miles from the M1/M25, please get in touch for a shipping quote.

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