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Chase Bliss Tonal Recall RKM

Chase Bliss Tonal Recall RKM

Brand: Chase Bliss Audio

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Brand new, boxed, unused example of the discontinued Tonal Recall modified with 4 x MN3005 delay chips.

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Product Description

The original Tonal Recall was discontinued some time ago, for various well-documented good reasons, but when it went it meant this special RKM version also went. This made us (and many other people) sad, because we like this pedal very much: for fans of a certain delay sound it is pretty much perfect. Sure, other pedals can do more, and the Habit is an incredible creative tool, but it is a fact that when you marry four analogue MN3005 BBD chips with the Chase Bliss digital wizardry you get something very special indeed.

Due to supply chain issues, Chase Bliss requested that dealers to not accept preorders for their pedals some years ago now. While this wasn't ideal for us, we complied and as a result now have this brand new boxed Tonal Recall RKM available for sale.


From Chase Bliss:

The "RKM" Red Knob Mod version of Tonal Recall is built around four re-issued versions of the legendary MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips. Its maximum delay time is increased to 1100ms and the unmistakable analog character of this delay is front and center.

Tonal Recall expands upon the classic vintage sounds associated with analog delays of yesteryear while bringing modern amenities such as tap tempo, optional bypass with trails, expression control over any parameter, and the ability to save presets.

Every knob and switch is connected to a little digital brain while your guitar signal stays 100% analog and never gets digitally processed.



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